Anniversary scavenger hunt guide – year one

This year marks the Lord of the Rings Online’s tenth anniversary, an arbitrary number, but quite an accomplishments considering that most MMOs don’t last as long. The developers decided to put together a scavenger hunt for players to reminisce about the good old days of LOTRO and its story in a similar episodic style to the Bingo Boffin quests. Each week a new set of quests unlocks and new rewards to boot. The event is scheduled to last until July 13 at which point the event will likely disappear forever return next year!

This article is part of a series on the Anniversary scavenger hunt. Find out more here.

What follows is a guide to find all of the points on the scavenger hunt for “Year one” (week one). There are three quests to choose from, but you only need to complete one to advance to the next “year”. However, you can complete all of the scavengers hunts if you are so inclined. I made a guide that will help you do just that with help from a hunter.

There are deeds for finishing all of the scavenger hunts of one type (e.g., all the “Tales” quests). And the final reward for doing one quest for each year is a title, “Versed in Yesteryear”, a White Majestic Stag pet, a set of dragon armor and a matching dragon steed (different from the bartered dragon horse).

  • For completing all the Tales quests you receive
    • 3 Anniversary tokens
    • 3 Ashenslades Green dyes
    • 3 Lórien Gold dyes
    • Title: “Devoted to Company”
  • For completing all the Travels quests you receive
    • 3 Anniversary tokens
    • 3 Belegaer Blue dyes
    • 3 Lavender dyes
    • Title: “Wanderer of Middle-earth”
  • For completing all the Trifles quests you receive
    • 3 Anniversary tokens
    • 3 Dark Clay dyes
    • 3 Moria Silver dyes
    • Title: “Bustling Adventurer”

The hunts have players scouring Middle-earth to complete, so Hunter taxis, Warden musters, summoning horns, travel skills and swift travel all play an important role. Also remember that the Stable-master map allows instant transportation for 2 mithril coins each.

None of the scavenger hunt items are marked on the in-game maps, so this guide is for those of you who are too lazy (don’t be ashamed) to spend hours on Lotro-wiki. If at the end of ten weeks I have enough time and there is demand, I might consider plotting out a route to do all of the locations (30 quests).


The devs at SSG say that each new week will bring another “year” of quests, so we’ll assume they’ll be released on Thursdays just as the festival started (poke me if they’re not)

  • April 20: Year 1 and 2 quests
  • April 27: Year 3
  • May 4: Year 4
  • May 11: Year 5
  • May 18: Year 6
  • May 25: Year 7
  • June 1: Year 8
  • June 8: Year 9
  • June 15: Year 10
  • July 13: End of the event

Year 1 rewards

Farmer Maggot's Dog.jpg
Farmer Maggot’s Dog, cosmetic pet
Stone of Erech.jpg
Stone of Erech, large yard housing decoration

Year 1 Tales: Frodo (Recommended level: 105)


Objective Location Notes
Gather remembrances in Bag End (3) Up the Hill from the Party Tree
Talk to Lobelia Sackville-Baggins Up the Hill from the Party Tree
/Pat Farmer Maggot’s dog, Grip
/Pat Farmer Maggot’s dog, Fang
Bamfurlong, The Shire
Enjoy a meal in Tom Bombadil’s House The Old Forest, Bree-land
/Dance on a table in the Prancing Pony Bree  Yes, you must tabledance
Talk to Frodo in Bilbo’s Room in Rivendell Rivendell
/Faint by the Ranger’s camp beneath Weathertop The foot of Weathertop, Lone-lands VIPs can take swift travel to his camp from Ost Guruth or Saeradan in Bree-land.
/Sit in the chair atop Amon Hen East Wall, Eastern Rohan Ride from Forlaw, Snowbourn or even Far Anorien
Defeat fell-spirits in the Dead Marshes (6) Dead Marshes (Western Gondor) The travel horse in the Cave of the Avorrim outside Dol Amroth is Epic quest-gated but Captains can summon players level 85 and above.
Gather remembrances in Henneth Annun (6) North Ithilien, After-battle Gondor A few in the lowest chamber, one in the upper lookout

Year 1 Travels: Towering Monuments (Recommended level: 105)


Objective Location Notes
Gather Remembrances (20) Collected at each location (Rems.)
Visit the Bounder’s Bounty Statue Michel Delving, Shire  2 Rems.
Visit High King’s Crossing Evendim  2 Rems.
Visit the Falconer’s Tower North Downs
(8.7S, 53.5W)
Summoning horn at (6.1S, 55.3W)
2 Rems.
Visit the Gate of Shadows Carn Dûm, Angmar Travel from Gath Forthnír
2 Rems.
Visit the Giant’s Needle Giant Hills, Misty Mountains Summoning horn at (29.9S, 2.4E)
2 Rems.
Visit The Dwarf-lords’ Gate Great Delving, Moria 2 Rems.
Visit the Gate of the Seven Fathers Flaming Deeps, Moria Summoning horn at (16.4S, 109.6W)
2 Rems.
Visit Argonath East Wall, East Rohan 2 Rems.
Visit the Stone of Erech Blackroot Vale, Western Gondor 2 Rems.
Visit the Cross-roads North Ithilien, After-battle Gondor 4 Rems.

Year 1 Trifles: Old Foes (Recommended level: 60)


Objective Location Type
Defeat Baugarch Chetwood, Bree-land
(27.4S, 44.0W)
*Defeat Dhît Stone-trolls’ Glade, Trollshaws
(31.1S, 18.2W)
*Defeat Farathlúg Talvi-mûri, Forochel
(20.5N, 82.3W)
Defeat Jagger Jack Chetwood, Bree-land
(26.2S, 43.9W)
*Defeat Morrafn Fields of Fornost, North Downs
(10.5S, 57.5W)
*Defeat Mangemaw Rushock Bog, The Shire
(29.3S, 74.2W)
*Defeat Rothlúg Southern High Pass, Misty Mountains
(28.0S, 5.3E)
Defeat Skíthi Blackhand Grimwater, Ered Luin
(17.7S, 95.0W)
Defeat Svalfang Brandywood, Bree-land
(25.3S, 61.9W)

* Need bounty quests from Níels in Esteldín


39 thoughts on “Anniversary scavenger hunt guide – year one

  1. If you could, I think it would help if you listed how many Remembrances are at each location for the Towering Monuments. Thank you for what you have done, though!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree with Diane, listing how many remembrances are at each location would be super helpful! I had to backtrack through the taverns for a bit because I hadn’t realized there were more than two at some of them.


  3. I am confused… I thought the Dead Marshes were up north west of the Black Gate, not in Western Gondor. Otherwise, fabulous resource. Thank you.


    • There was a small interlude about Frodo and Sam’s crossing about the same time Western Gondor came out. I haven’t tried to defeat those corpse-candles in the Wastes yet to see if they also count for the quest. Can anyone confirm?


      • I didn’t try myself but I highly doubt they count and Landroval chat says they don’t. These are other mobs imho, they are not named fell-spirits.
        You can go to Dead Marshes in the Wastes now but they aren’t mark on map, you need to know yourself.
        Earlier we could only go to Dead Marshes using a swift horse inside an elf cave by the sea near (somewhat east from) Dol Amroth. You need to go there to complete that part.


  4. This is probably a dumb question (sorry) but I am assuming that these are not for lower level characters. I’m pretty sure I’ll get squished if I try to complete the scavenger hunts in Gondor, Rohan, or the Dead Marshes at level 42!


    • That’s true, I was thinking that too. I did the year one Travels on my levels 91 and 97 elves, and even then I had trouble getting to Ithilien. I hadn’t done any high-level quests yet (too busy festing lol), so I had to use a mithril coin at the stable master in Minas Tirath to get to the other side of the Osgiliath gate. I didn’t even attempt the Dead Marshes quest for the Tales series, I’m still missing that. However, I think you could do the year one Trifles fairly easily, especially with the help of a higher-level buddy. That would at least get you through the first year, and on to the second. The pub run for year two is easy enough. But yes, to get all the quests and titles would probably require a high-level character, but you can at least progress enough to get some good prizes! Good luck! ❤


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