Anniversary scavenger hunt guide – paper scrap riddle and final rewards

It’s over! Or is it? Remember those pesky scraps of paper cluttering up your inventory as a ‘reward’ for each week? Eagle-eyed players quickly discovered that each scrap has a unique message and would eventually point to the final reward. As year 10 came and went, the riddle was solved but not without mild frustration. But never fear, this guide is here for you, though if you’re avoiding spoilers, look away now.

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Anniversary scavenger hunt guide – year 10

This is it, everyone. The last set of scavenger hunt quests. After ten weeks, we get to follow in Bilbo’s footsteps, defeat treacherous beasts and end it all with a pub crawl. And if you’ve saved those scraps of paper and you’re crafty enough, you might finally be able to decipher the riddle and score yourself an extra housing item.

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Anniversary scavenger hunt guide – year 9

Eight down, two to go. Year nine of LOTRO’s grand scavenger hunt features highlights from the elusive wizard Gandalf’s story stretching from the Shire to Minas Tirith. But tramping through Middle-earth shouldn’t be anything new to you at this point. You’ll also plow through enemies in landscape “group” content, at least it was designed to be difficult when the level cap was much lower. And finally, you’ll be hunting for easter eggs placed by developers, many of whom have long since departed from the game, I’m sure.

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