Dol Guldur instance loot

Update 9 was a doozy for instances. Among the changes, the five Dol Guldur instances were adapted to be scaled from level 65 up to the cap, which is currently 85, and the old loot was replaced with new, scaling loot. Just as with the Road to Erebor loot, everything in the chests gets scaled to the level you run the instance at. So equipment gained during a level 85 Warg-pens run will have higher stats than equipment plundered from a level 65 run.

Everything on the Road to Erebor loot page (linked above) applies here, but here’s the short version for you lazy folk:

  • The loot is split into two groups, rare/incomparable (purple/teal) and epic (gold).
  • Epic loot is shared among all Dol Guldur instances, while rare/incomparable loot is instance-specific.
  • Epic loot is class-specific, bind on acquire (not tradeable), and can drop from boss chests and challenge chests.
  • Rare/incomparable loot is bind on equip (tradeable) and drops from boss chests.
  • Running an instance on tier II gives a higher chance to get loot.
  • Remote looting and open tapping apply to the chests (no more rolling!)

I’ve done my best to fill in the gaps, but I still have some holes in the list; any help with those is gladly welcomed. And I’ve created a spreadsheet version of the loot if you prefer to see it that way.

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The Road to Erebor instance loot

After hours of trolling auction houses and pestering friends for their spoils, here’s an (incomplete) loot list from the Road to Erebor 3-person instances, Iorbar’s Peak, Seat of the Great Goblin and Webs of the Scuttledells. Remember that these instances are scaling from level 20 onwards, but you only get loot starting at level 50. And the loot scales! Let’s say if you run Iorbar’s Peak at level 68, any gear you get will have stats appropriate for level 68. Great for equipping your lower-level alts. This list includes only the level 85 stats, but you can still get an idea of the main stats an item has at a lower level.

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