Retaking Pelargir epic battle guide – fellowship

As promised, Turbine released the fellowship version of the epic battle Retaking Pelargir as the centerpiece of Update 15.1. This group instance is very similar to the solo/duo version but with two new side quests, four total during each run, more mobs and the epic foes are tougher. Be sure to read the Department of Strategery’s Retaking Pelargir solo/duo guide as a primer to this guide.

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Retaking Pelargir epic battle guide – solo/duo

The city of Pelargir, the jewel of the Anduin, is under assault by corsairs, haradrim and half-trolls. This is one of those exciting battles when the tide begins to turn in the War of the Ring and we help secure the passage of Aragorn, the rangers and the legion of oath-keepers at his command (spoilers!).

This guide covers the solo/duo version of the epic battle. It’s definitely doable solo but it’s always fun to bring a partner for a little insurance. The fellowship (six-person) version of the battle is very similar but with more enemies, two extra possible side objectives, and four side objectives total each time you run the battle.

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