Anniversary scavenger hunt – suggested hunter path


Face it. The scavenger hunt was made for hunters. It even has half of the class’ name in its title. But even with a hunter, you’ll still be running around Middle-earth like a chicken without its head. From henceforth, the scavenger hunt will unofficially be known as the “Befriend a hunter” festival.

This guide seeks to minimize the redundancy in travelling by focusing on one quest from each “year” to unlock the next set, picking up locations as you go along. I expect to update this guide as each new “year” is released, but poke me if I don’t get around to it.

This article is part of a series on the Anniversary scavenger hunt. Find out more here.

This guide prioritizes completing one quest from each year to unlock subsequent years:

  1. Year 1 Trifles
  2. Year 2 Travels
  3. Year 3 Tales

This guide assumes a lot of things:

  • You want to complete all of the scavenger hunt quests
  • You have a hunter in your group with all the travel skills
  • You have a max-level character
  • You have access to Moria and Caras Galadhon.
  • You have completed all of the instances listed
  • Your hunter’s camp site port is set to the Party Tree
  • You will need at least 7 quest slots available to accept all the quests at once.
  • No swift travel is needed
  • “Travel to …” denotes using a hunter travel skill.
  • After completing instances, continue where the instance dumps you out.
  • You have to get Coneys (from the Supplier NPC) and Taters (from crafting Farmers) for Year 2 Tales yourself.
  • Year 3 Trifles can be completed through the instance join as long as you’ve discovered the entrances to Sâri-surma and the Foundry.

If you have ideas for guides with other requirements or made your own guide, feel free to post below.

This guide is up to date as of Year 3.

Note: I won’t be updating this guide anymore as it will just get ridiculously long. I estimate over 300 objectives by the end! No thank you, sir.

Step Year Quest Notes
1 * * Party Tree — pick up year one quests.
2 Travel to Esteldín. Pick up Níels’ bounty quests (only one in the fellowship needs the quests to spawn the mobs).
3 1 Travels Take the stable horse to Amon Raith, ride north to the Falconer’s Tower (8.7S, 53.5W).
4 1 Trifles Ride west to (10.5S, 57.5W) and defeat Morrafn.
5 1 Trifles Travel to Sûri-kylä. Use the boat at (19.5N, 73.8W) to Sari-surma. Swim directly north and die. Respawn and ride northeast to Farathlúg (20.5N, 82.3W).
6 1 Trifles Travel to Thorin’s Hall. Take the stable horse to Gondamon. Travel to (17.7S, 95.0W) and defeat Skithi Blackhand.
7 1 Travels Travel to Michel Delving. Visit the Bounder’s Bounty Statue.
8 1 Trifles Ride to (29.3S, 74.2W) and defeat Mangemaw.
9 1 Tales Travel to Rivendell. Speak to Frodo in the Last Homely House.
10 1 Trifles Take the swift horse to Thorenhad. Ride to the Stone-trolls’ Glade and defeat Dhît (31.1S, 18.2W).
11 1 Trifles Travel to the Misty Mountains (Hrimbarg). Ride to (28.0S, 5.3E) and defeat Rothlúg.
12 1 Travels Ride to Giant’s Needle (30.4S, 3.5E).
13 1 Tales Travel to Bree. Dance on a table in the Prancing Pony.
14 1 Trifles Ride to Chetwood. Defeat Jagger Jack (26.2S, 43.9W) and Baugarch (27.4S, 44.0W).
15 1 Trifles Travel to Bree. Ride to Brandywood. Defeat Svalfang (25.3S, 61.9W). (Year 1 Trifles done)
16 * * Travel to Party Tree (camp site). Turn in year one quest to Waldo. Pick up year two quests.
17 2 Tales Bow to Gaffer Gamgee just south of the Party Tree.
18 1 Tales Speak to Lobelia north of the Party Tree. Listen at the window at Bag End. Collect Remembrances inside Bag End.
19 2 Travels Ride to Hobbiton and have a drink at the Ivy Bush (3 remembrances). Ride to Bywater and have a drink at the Green Dragon (3 rems.). Buy a Small Beer from the Tavernkeep.
20 2 Tales Ride south to Tom Cotton’s Farm and give the beer to Rosie Cotton.
21 2 Travels Ride to Frogmorton and have a drink in the Floating Log Inn. (2 rems.)
22 2 Travels Ride to Brockenborings and have a drink at the Plough and Stars Inn (3 rems.).
23 2 Travels Ride to Stock and have a drink at the Golden Perch. (2 rems.)
24 2 Tales Ride to Bamfurlog and pat Farmer Maggot’s dogs.
25 2 Tales Travel to Bree. Speak with Bill the Pony.
26 2 Travels Have a drink in the Prancing Pony. (3 rems.)
27 2 Trifles Complete the Infiltrators’ Surprise instance from the reflecting pool.
28 2 Travels Ride to Combe and have a drink at the Combe and Wattle (2 rems.).
29 2 Tales Ride to the Midgewater Marshes and defeat 6 neekerbreekers.
30 2 Trifles Travel to Ost Guruth. Complete the instance Retaking Weathertop.
31 1 Tales Faint at Candaith’s Encampment.
32 2 Travels Ride to the Forsaken Inn and have a drink (1 rem).
33 2 Travels Travel to Thorin’s Hall. Have a drink at the inn (2 rems.)
34 2 Travels Travel to Michel Delving. Have a drink at the Bird and Baby Inn (2 rems.) (Year 2 Travels done)
35 2 Trifles Complete the instance Beneath the Greenfields from the Michel Delving reflecting pool.
36 * * Travel to the Party Tree (camp site). Turn in the year two quest. (Take year three quests).
37 3 Tales Travel to Minas Tirith. (Or use the Belfalas housing shortcut for low-levels.) Find the plaque of Boromir in the northern section of the first tier. (63.5S, 18.5W)
38 3 Tales Ride to the Tower of Ecthelion in the seventh tier and /kneel before the steward’s chair.
39 3 Travels Visit the prow of Minas Tirith (2 rems.)
40 3 Tales Defeat foes on the Pelennor Fields (10) while riding to Osgiliath.
41 3 Tales Gather remembrances in Pre-battle Osgiliath (2 rems.)
42 3 Tales Ride north to Talath Anor and pick up Boromir’s horn. (47.1S, 16.2W)
43 3 Tales Travel to Rivendell. /Talk on the Spire of Meeting.
44 3 Tales Complete the session play, The Horn of Gondor.
45 2 Tales Speak with Sam in the Last Homely House.
46 1 Tales Collect Remembrances at Henneth Annûn.
47 3 Tales Travel to Echad Dunann. Ride to the Redhorn Pass. (47.1S, 2.6W)
48 3 Travels Ride to the peak of the Redhorn Pass (3 rems.)
49 3 Travels Travel to Caras Galadhon. Visit Galadriel’s flet. (2 rems.)
50 2 Tales Ride to Cerin Amroth and speak with Sam.
51 3 Tales Ride west and pick up remembrances on the way to Echad Andestel (5 rems.) (Year 3 Tales done)
52 * * Travel to the Party Tree (Camp Site). Turn in Year 3 quest. (Pick up Year 4 quests.)
53 2 Trifles Travel to Bree. Complete the instance Othrongroth from the reflecting pool.
54 1 Tales Eat a hearty meal at Tom Bombadil’s home.
55 2 Tales Ride to (32.9S, 58.3W) and /challenge Old Man Willow.
56 2 Trifles Travel to Rivendell.Complete the instance Fire and Ice at the Rivendell reflecting pool.
57 2 Trifles Travel to Ost Guruth.Complete the instance Red-pass from the reflecting pool.
58 2 Trifles Travel to West Angmar (Aughaire).Complete the instance Mordirith’s Fall from the reflecting pool.
59 1 Travels Ride to (12.1N, 29.5W) and visit the Gate of Shadows.
60 2 Trifles Travel to Evendim.Complete the instance A Formal Complaint from the reflecting pool.
61 2 Trifles Travel to Evendim.Complete the instance Twisted Heart from the reflecting pool.
62 2 Trifles Travel to Evendim.Complete the instance Tomb of Elendil from the reflecting pool. (Year 2 Trifles done)
63 1 Travels Ride or take the stable horse to High King’s Crossing. (2 rems.)
64 3 Travels Use the rope to get to the top of the crossing. (2 rems.)
65 2 Tales Travel to Stangard.Ride northeast to (23.7S, 60.3W) and /shakefist at Gollum. (Year 2 Tales done)
66 1 Tales Travel to Dol Amroth. Ride to the Cave of the Avorrim (74.3S, 68.0W), take the horse to the Dead Marshes and kill spirits.
67 1 Travels Travel to Forlaw.Ride to (51.1S, 47.3W) in the East Wall and visit the Argonath.
68 1 Tales Ride to Amon Hen (61.3S, 46.6W) and /sit atop the throne. (Year 1 Tales done)
69 1 Travels Travel to After-battle Osgiliath.Visit the Cross-roads (63.2S, 5.1W).
70 1 Travels Travel to Dol Amroth. Ride or take the stable horse to Morlad. Visit the Stone of Erech (58.0S, 65.0W).
71 3 Travels Travel to the 21st Hall. Take the stable horse to the Chamber of the Crossroads. Visit the Moria well. (2 rems.)
72 1 Travels Ride to the Dwarf-lords’ Gate (6.4S, 112.0W). (2 rems.)
73 3 Travels Ride to Zirakzigil. Head west immediately and up the hill. (2 rems.)
74 1 Travels Travel to the 21st Hall.Take the stable horse to Anazarmekhem. Ride to (15.8S, 108.4W) and visit the Gate of the Seven Fathers. (2 rems.) (Year 1 Travels done)
75 3 Travels Travel to the 21st Hall. Ride to the bridge of Khazad-dum in Nud-melek. (8.0S, 99.1W) (6 rems.; 3 on each side of the bridge)
76 3 Travels Ride to the Endless Stair in the Foundations of Stone. (15.0S, 99.0W) (2 rems.)
77 3 Travels Travel to the Misty Mountains (Hrimbarg). Ride to (28.3S, 5.4E) and visit Men Helch. (4 rems.)
78 3 Travels Travel to Harndirion (Enedwaith). Ride to Nár’s Peak. (65.6S, 8.5W) (2 rems.) (Year 3 Travels done)

14 thoughts on “Anniversary scavenger hunt – suggested hunter path

  1. In step 40 after you speak with Sam and finish an instance you end up in Henneth Annun even as a low level (I’m doing it with my other account guard)! Then you collect remembrances there and need to port back to Rivendell to continue step 41, no need to do step 51 after that.


  2. Anniversary is a total “Grind-fest” “Time-Sink” which equals no fun at all, Did the first two years on one toon, but never again. I’ll get my armor and horse, bashing people in the beer bash, much more fun.


  3. I was able to finish all year 1&2 quests on my lvl54 guard after 20.1.1 update (grouped with my level cap hunter).
    I’ll share my observations.
    It seems after last update lowest level to do all quests is 45 and vol.II intro done (to enter Moria for 2 locations).
    Hardest part for my guard was to get to Stone of Erech, many mobs (animals especially) on the way from Morlad, also warband near destination. Definitely not possible without protection. I got there starting from Grimbold camp (summoned by cappy, possible at lvl50+), then through Westold (carefully), Edoras, paths of the dead only to die near destination… 2nd time I used MC to travel from DA to Morlad.
    On the other hand you can get to Dead Marshes quite easily solo, even without using MC. From Bree, tour a house in cape of Belfalas, go outside on west side, take swift horse to DA, ride from there through east gate and keep on the road, mobs were far enough so I didn’t get aggro, once in a cave you can use swift horse. Of course you still need help to kill 6 fell-spirits there and protection from orcs. Bear in mind if you are killed in red named region, you’ll rez in your milestone location!
    I also used MC to get to After-battle Osgiliath from Bree and easy ride to cross-roads from there (no mobs) but you can also try to get there from Henneth Annun once you’ll be teleported there after an instance with Sam (protection will be necessary).
    As for Amon Hen and Argonath closest place to be summoned at lvl50+ is a bridge from Great River to East Rohan. From there you need to ride through the Wold and East Wall. Protection is necessary only when you are close to both destinations. I aggroed some mobs on the way earlier but was able to run away. Gollum in Thinglad is easy since lvl50+ can be ported/summoned to Stangard (or summoned to Gollum directly).
    So for a determined person (at least lvl50+) it is possible to do everything so far even without using mithril coins, assumed he/she is protected by lvl cap toon (captain or hunter if possible) where needed.
    I also think I found a glitch in the matrix. My lvl54 toon couldn’t be summoned to whole Golden Wood (tried in few places: outside Caras Galadhon, Cerin Amroth and random place. On the other hand he was summoned without problem outside wood (Echad Andestel) and was able to ride into that forest (despite Elven lookouts mumbles something what I’m doing here). Obviously I didn’t have any rep with Galadhrims at this point. So it seems when they removed acq reputation to enter Golden Wood like 3 years ago they forgot to remove that requirement for cappy port…
    I hope that helps for some people 🙂


  4. Can you include how many remembrances there are in each Inn? I got to the end with 2 missing…some inns only seemed to have one – I did check around but obviously missed a couple somewhere. If I knew in advance there should have been 2 (or 3) it would be really helpful!


  5. Good work. But could you please correct the map cordinates for The Stone of Erech from 50.8S, 47.3W to 58.0S,65.0W 🙂


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