Anniversary scavenger hunt guide – year 10

This is it, everyone. The last set of scavenger hunt quests. After ten weeks, we get to follow in Bilbo’s footsteps, defeat treacherous beasts and end it all with a pub crawl. And if you’ve saved those scraps of paper and you’re crafty enough, you might finally be able to decipher the riddle and score yourself an extra housing item.

This article is part of a series on the Anniversary scavenger hunt. Find out more here.

Year 10 rewards

Cloak rack
Cloak Rack (small wall decoration)
Hobbit Cupboard
Hobbit Cupboard (small wall decoration)

Year 10 tales: (recommended level: 45; Erebor instance cluster)


Objective Location
Check what’s on the mantlepiece in Bag End Just north of the Party Tree
/Sing to Bilbo in the Hall of Fire in Rivendell The Last Homely House, Rivendell
Stand upon a table near the Party Tree and give a /talk At the Party Tree
Visit the Stone-trolls’ Glade in the Trollshaws 31.2S, 18.2W
Acquire another of Bilbo’s buttons in Goblintown Kill a goblin in Goblin-town (or either of its instances)
Defeat spiders in Mirkwood (8) Scuttledells, north of Ost Galadh
Webs of the Scuttledells instance (after first boss)
Pull the wooden box out from beneath Bilbo’s Bed in Elrond’s House The Last Homely House, Rivendell
Gather remembrances in The Bells of Dale (5) Instance can be scaled from level 20 upwards
/Think of another riddle in Gollum’s Cave Goblin-town, way way in the back
Talk to Grimbeorn at Vindurhal in the Misty Mountains 23.3S, 4.3E

Year 10 travels: Tavern Crawl: Gondor (recommended level: 100)


There are nine taverns and 18 remembrances to gather through this pub crawl.

Objective Location Rems.
Lothgobel Tavern Lamedon, Western Gondor
64.0S, 57.5W
Scholar’s Tavern of Dol Amroth Scholar’s Quarter, Western Gondor (outdoor bar)
75.9S, 71.8W
Ethring Tavern Ringló, Central Gondor
72.0S, 50.2W
Forlong’s Hall Lossarnach, Eastern Gondor
77.4S, 24.6W
The Haven Craftsmens’ tier (3rd), Minas Tirith
66.7S, 18.1W
The Merry Swan Craftsmens’ tier (3rd), Minas Tirith
67.0S, 19.8W
Mûmak and Keep Soldiers’ tier (2nd), Minas Tirith
67.2S, 20.1W
Thirsty Seer Sages’ tier (5th), Minas Tirith
66.2S, 19.7W
Wheel and Cask Workers’ tier (1st), Minas Tirith
63.2S, 19.1W (north side)

Year 10 trifles: Enormous Beasts (recommended level: 45)

Defeat 10 of each mob type anywhere in Middle-Earth. Various instances will have these mob types, too, such as Urugarth for trolls and drakes. Bolded names indicate instances.

Objective Location
Drakes Giant Valley, Trollshaws
Ram Dúath, Urugarth, Angmar
Helegrod: Drake wing, Misty Mountains
Thrór’s Coomb, Enedwaith
Stone-trolls Bruinen Gorges, Trollshaws
Taur Gonwaith, North Downs
Giants Giant Halls, Helegrod: Giant wing, Misty Mountains
Giant Valley, Trollshaws
Gorthorog Maethad, Carn Dûm, Angmar
Annúminas, Evendim
Huorn Old Forest, Southern Barrow-downs, Bree-land
Agamaur, Garth Agarwen: Aboretum (1), Lone-lands
Glinghant (3), Evendim
Storm on Mathedras skirmish
Mammoths Norsu-hauta, Forochel
High Crag, Giant Halls, Helegrod: Giant wing (6), Misty Mountains
Trolls Giant Halls, Misty Mountains
Urugarth, Angmar
Taur Ornolf, Trollshaws
Harloeg, Lone Lands

34 thoughts on “Anniversary scavenger hunt guide – year 10

  1. Gorthorog in Annuminas too, right?

    Also, you can get a button from doing the Goblintown throne room instance. I would assume the Seat of the Great Goblin would work as well. However, the Gollum’s cave found in that instance won’t work.


  2. For Lothgobel Tavern, you either need to be on the quest, get a summon from someone inside, or petition a GM to port you in. And if you do get ported/summoned inside, make sure to go toward the door before leaving (if you map out) so that the visit part triggers.


    • No there is no way to get them back, but they are not bound and dont worry, internet will be covered in solutions to that puzzle


  3. Hey, just adding rems:

    Lothgobel Tavern 2
    Scholar’s Tavern of Dol Amroth 2
    Ethring Tavern 2
    Forlong’s Hall 2
    The Haven 2
    The Merry Swan 3
    Mûmak and Keep 3 (1 upstairs)
    Thirsty Seer 2 (1 upstairs)
    Wheel and Cask 3

    Also thank you for an awesome guide for this festival.


  4. cower, mourn, lookaround, story, sit… in that order, and then you have to complete the quest within the same time frame as well


  5. No reply button on the post: “I’m pretty sure they unlocked it for the duration of the hunt because I was able to just walk in from outside without the quest, without any port or summon.” It’s not unlocked, at least not for everyone; Cordovan says they’re going to fix it. I saw at least one person who had already completed the quest say they could get in but the tavern is empty (since it’s the wrong version, I assume).


  6. I solved the final puzzle with the Scrap Papers, but only by using the internet. I have no idea how “273855.,.” re-arranged in the order of 971624835 gave us the coordinates “23.8,57.5” – I got “..2578,35”.

    Also I have no Idea how the hints “John, Marla Shelton, Seargeant-at-arms Irminric, Bragi Stoutclub and Gapi” were hints for “cower, mourn, lookaround, story and sit”

    I guess after 10 weeks of this, I was just lost.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The emotes are the emotes that the NPCs are doing. I kind of figured that was what we needed to do, emotes representing the NPCs, but I didn’t realize (didn’t think about it) they themselves do the emotes (someone DMed my friend that clue). Three of them can be easily figured out, if you know emotes, from their wiki page images but two of them I had to go visit because I couldn’t tell from their images what emotes they were doing.


  7. A tip (that I didn’t realize): You can drag emotes from the collections panel to your quickbars so that you can complete the puzzle much faster (I recommended aliases before someone told me). I assume that will be in the puzzle guide once it gets posted here but for those who can’t wait, there ya go.


    • Did you complete the meta deed that gives you the horse/armor/stag? After completing the standing stone quest, I gave all my papers to my level 66 hunter who did not go past year 7, and the standing stone was not even there for her. So I would guess that you need to have gotten all 10 scrap papers on your toon before the stone will even appear to you.


  8. I’m wondering why the Stone Trolls in Limelight Gorge don’t count.

    Also, Giant Valley in TS is not a good place to do drakes anymore, or at least not when I was there. It seemed like there was only one that was on a very slow respawn rate. I remember there used to be 4 or 5 at a time there.


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