Anniversary scavenger hunt guide – year 9

Eight down, two to go. Year nine of LOTRO’s grand scavenger hunt features highlights from the elusive wizard Gandalf’s story stretching from the Shire to Minas Tirith. But tramping through Middle-earth shouldn’t be anything new to you at this point. You’ll also plow through enemies in landscape “group” content, at least it was designed to be difficult when the level cap was much lower. And finally, you’ll be hunting for easter eggs placed by developers, many of whom have long since departed from the game, I’m sure.

This article is part of a series on the Anniversary scavenger hunt. Find out more here.

Year 9 rewards

Radagast's cloak2.jpg
Radagast’s Cloak (cosmetic back; hooded-right)
Sand Castle.jpg
Sand Castle (housing decoration – small yard)
Erebrandir's other horseshoe.jpg
Erebrandir’s Other Horseshoe (Pocket item)

Year 9 tales: Gandalf (recommended level: 75; Moria access)


Objective Location
Set off fireworks by the Party Tree Look around, you’re already there
/Scold Barliman Butterbur in the Prancing Pony Bree
Complete the Ford of Bruinen skirmish Need VIP or store unlock
Talk with Radagast the Brown in Agamaur Lone-lands
29.8S, 27.4W
Read from the Chronicle of Events and complete the Wizard’s Vale Rivendell
Epic quest: Vol. III, Book 4, Chapter 23
29.9S, 4.8W
/Meditate at Hollin Gate before Moria Eregion
51.8S, 3.5W
Gather remembrances around Zirakzigil, the Endless Stair and the Bridge of Khazad-dum (4) Moria
Find Gandalf the White in Fangorn Treebeard’s Hill, Eaves of Fangorn, East Rohan
39.1S, 74.6W
/Shakefist before the throne in Meduseld Edoras, West Rohan
60.8S, 74.2W
/Pat Shadowfax in the High Stables in Minas Tirith Masters’ (sixth) tier, Minas Tirith (before battle)
65.3S, 18.8W

Year 9 travels: Middle-earth Curiosities (recommended level: 85)


There are 10 remembrances (rems.) to find spread across these locations

Objective Location Rems.
Snow-man of Ered Luin 17.7S 102.0W
On a hill in the middle of the Vale of Thrain
Tallest cow of Buckland 31.9S 62.4W
On a house in the north of town
Sand castle of Evendim 14.0S, 73.7W
On the small island SW of Tyl Ruinen
Cat house of Bree-town 30.2S, 52.1W
In Scholar’s Stair across from the Lore Hall
Turtle house of Bree-town 30.9S, 51.8W
Artie Root’s house; need to complete Infiltrator’s Surprise quest line
Amateur ice-skater of Forochel 19.0N 71.0W
Also near Kauppa-kohta (southern Forochel)
Rabbit of Ost Dunhoth 73.9S, 20.3W
Enedwaith; at the destroyed camp just west of the gates
Rabbit cave of the Great River 27.5S, 64.6W
Across the river, south of Stangard
Peculiar Home in Eastfold 72.1S, 58.5W
SE of the squirrel village
Squirrel village of the Eastfold 68.9S, 61.4W
Head straight east from Aldburg’s entrance

Year 9 trifles: Up For a Challenge (recommended level: 105)


Defeat 8 enemies at each of these locations.

Objective Location
Annúminas Evendim
Garth Agarwen Lone-lands
Garth Agarwen instances
Giant Halls Misty Mountains
Iorbar’s Peak instance
Giant Valley Trollshaws
Giants in Ford of Bruinen skirmish
Hîsuk North Downs
Limlight Gorge Great River
Ost Alagos Bree-land
Sarnúr Ered Luin
Tarlang’s Crown Western Gondor

24 thoughts on “Anniversary scavenger hunt guide – year 9

  1. instead of those stupid cloaks i wish they were giving as a unique piece of outfit set for every scavenger year we complete, i was hoping for the final reward will be something unique n special but i have started loosing that hope……:(


    • It’s in the deed you’r doing, after completing all 10 years you got a unique armour set, a matching mount to go with it and another unique mount as well.


    • Look in your deed log and you’ll see the reward for completing the 10 years. The deed is called “A journey through Middle Earth”. The reward is a unique set of cosmetics, a matching mount and a majestic pet, Not useful but pretty unique if you ask me.


  2. Really the Horseshoe! Really! That least we got a cool Sand castle this time. I wonder it year 10 will be a donkey for the gift.


  3. For the Turtle House – right now it’s bugged. If you haven’t already done the quest chain, you have to pick up “Turtles in the Soup” and complete that chain. It doesn’t take very long, but is annoying if you’re short on time.


  4. The ice-skater is actually in Korkea-Jarvi (just outside Kauppa-Kohta), remembrance at 2.4, 58.4. Swift travel from Ost Forod will get you there…


  5. Thanks again, Elisapee!!! This is really a work well done!!!
    I took your path to do all the quests up to year 3 step-by-step, as you listed very clearly. But after that I decided to take only the travel quest for every following year.


  6. If you’re a Guardian and haven’t done the required quest for Turtle House, you can give an acorn to someone able to enter & they’ll be able to summon you in! I don’t know if this work for rally horns or cappys, but it might 🙂


  7. Actually the Moria insert showing the remembrances is pointing to the wrong place. It should be the Endless Stair in the Foundations of Stone.


  8. Literly have had to type this shit 4 times cause of those fucking ads that make you watch the video. Cause of that your site fucking sucks and i wont be coming back


  9. Had to come back with one more comment/suggestion: if you’re running a squishy and trying to do year 9 trifles solo, there’s a war beast outside the Morlad side of Tarlang’s Crown who respawns fairly quickly, and can be killed repeatedly to get your required 8. Feels a bit like cheating, but I couldn’t find anyone to run it with one of my squishies.

    Liked by 1 person

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