Anniversary scavenger hunt guide – year 8

We’re nearing the conclusion of this wild ride. After year 8, only two weeks before the big finale. This year we have Gimli’s tales, visiting tombs of Middle-Earth and another set of instances to reminisce on. That leads me to wonder, if the series of “Tales” quests takes us through everyone in the Fellowship and only Gandalf is left, who will be featured in year 10?

This article is part of a series on the Anniversary scavenger hunt. Find out more here.

Year 8 rewards

Caras Galadhon Mirrow (Small yard decoration)
Happy Pig.jpg
Happy Pig (cosmetic pet; default name: Dean)

Year 8 tales: Gimli (recommended level: 75; Moria access)


Objective Location
/Bow to your sire Glóin in the Misty Mountains Glóin’s Camp
24.8S, 4.1W
Gather remembrances around Rivendell (5) See map
Read the book upon the stone in Mazarbul North of 21st hall, Moria
4.8S, 105.3W
/Look upon the Mirrormere from Mekhem-bizru Nanduhirion, Lothlórien
11.5S, 78.5W
/Hug Legolas in Cerin Amroth Cerin Amroth, Lothlórien
11.9S, 67.9W
Talk to Galadriel before the House of Celeborn Caras Galadhon, Lothlórien (Use the rope to get inside)
15.4S, 67.0W
Gather remembrances from the East Wall to Éomer’s Vengeance (8) See map
Defeat Orcs in Helm’s Deep Epic Battles (42)
  • Helm’s Dike
  • The Deeping Wall
  • The Deeping-coomb
  • The Glittering Caves
  • The Hornburg

Year 8 travels: Tombs & haunts (recommended level: 75)


There are a total of 22 remembrances (rems.) to find spread amongst the tombs.

Objective Location Rems.
Hautham Northern Barrow-downs
30.3S, 55.9W
Barrow of Ringdor Northern Barrow-downs
31.3S, 54.7W
Barrow of Taradan Northern Barrow-downs
30.9S, 55.0W
Gwantham Southern Barrow-downs
34.6S, 54.3W
Haudh Iarchith Southern Barrow-downs
35.1S, 55.1W
Lhe Colvarn Lich Bluffs, Enedwaith
74.4S, 15.3W
The Ancient Tomb Norcrofts, East Rohan (South of Elthengels)
49.9S, 52.6W
The Paths of the Dead West Rohan/Western Gondor
73.4S, 69.5W

Year 8 trifles: Reflections III (recommended level: 85; Moria, Mirkwood access)


Access these instances through the reflecting pools in their respective zones. If you haven’t done the instances before, you’ll need to follow the epic quest (or rebuild Hytbold) and do them once.

Objective Location
The Drowned Treasury 21st Hall, Moria, 6.0S, 105.2W
Vol. II, book 4
New Devilry 21st Hall, Moria, 6.0S, 105.2W
Vol. II, book 6
The Mirror of Galadriel Bain Gwaloth, Lothlórien, 13.0S, 67.1W
Vol. II, book 6
A Cornered Foe Ost Galadh, Mirkwood, 14.5S, 51.3W
Scuttledells quest
In the Presence of Saruman Rohirrim Scout-camp, Dunland, 81.1S, 10.6W
Vol. III, book 4
Battle of the Ford, Sunset Rohirrim Scout-camp, Dunland, 81.1S, 10.6W
Vol. III, book 5
Troubled Dreams Rohirrim Scout-camp, Dunland, 81.1S, 10.6W
Vol. III, book 6
Lords of the Eastemnet Snowbourn, East Rohan, 61.8S, 61.2W
Rebuild all of Hytbold
The Battle for Hytbold Snowbourn, East Rohan, 61.8S, 61.2W
Rebuild all of Hytbold
Théoden, Son of Thengel Dunharrow, West Rohan, 69.9S, 71.4W
Vol. III, book 11

19 thoughts on “Anniversary scavenger hunt guide – year 8

  1. till year 6 i was doing all the 3 quests, at year 7 i did 2 of them. On year 8 i expect myself doing only 1…….. getting tired of this, i hope the final quest is going to be something better, especially hoping on these pieces of paper……………


    • Through year six, my level 66 Hunter did at least one hunt for every year. Year seven stopped her cold. Year seven also stopped my level 105 Captain from completing ALL the hunts with the raid runs in “Year 7 trifles: This Time With Feeling II”. I don’t like the thought of having an incomplete set because of that one year.


  2. The orcs in The Defence of Minas Tirith battle also count for Helm’s Deep Epic Battle orcs in Year 8 tales: Gimli. It has no expansion or quest pack requirement. (It also worked for Year 7 tales: Legolas.)


    • It turns out that if you don’t have the Helm’s Deep expansion pack, you can’t start Defence of Minas Tirith from the Epic Battle panel (launch button turns into unlock). However, you CAN run it from the instance finder, which is how I did it on my low-level, HD-less accounts.


    • I’d already gotten it half done before moving on to other things. It took me 2 nights to complete it – would only have been one but I had to blow some of my hytbold tokens on maxing my rep. If you use mithril coins to reset you can just farm those quests for a few hours (easy at 100-105) and finish it to open the instance.


  3. Actually most people don’t realize how easy and fast is rebuilding Hytbold nowadays. It has been tweaked/nerfed several times in recent years. You may want to give it a try, especially if you have Rohan reputation already…


  4. I am doing this on 5 alts on Arkenstone and 2 alts on Laurelin. One alt on Ark is doing every quest (and I was very pleased for year 8’s reflections! I only needed to complete on quest chain in Mirkwood to do the instance I was missing; I was able to do the others with ease). The other 4 alts on Ark and the 2 on Laurelin are just doing one quest per year just for the goodies. I am hoping beyond hope those scraps of paper give us something good because if they don’t, I’ll be highly upset. (Also, I was looking in the cosmetic pets collection at the start of the scavenger hunt and you can see all the cosmetic pets that we were/are going to get throughout the scavenger hunt quests!). 😀


  5. You know, I have no idea how you guys find this stuff so quickly. If I didn’t have this guide I don’t think I’d be able to complete these quests! So thank you so much for putting the effort into this and making my gameplay so much more enjoyable without the frustrations that you folks must go through, cheers!


  6. Thanks for posting Anniversary scavenger hunt it’s very helpful. FYI – I had to complete Wild Ruins before I could start the Silent Footsteps to get the quest “A Cornered Foe” or instance.


  7. As others mentioned, it’s much easier nowadays to unlock Hytbold. But I just wanted to drop in and say that it is possible for someone with the instances unlocked to share it with you. Of course also works with other solo-instances.
    There are some extra steps involved since it’s a solo instance and you can’t open or enter it while in a group.
    The way my friend shared these instances with me was:
    1) He entered the instance alone via Pool.
    2) He left the instance and invited me to fellowship.
    3) While in fellowship, I clicked the Pool to open up the travel window, but didn’t click yet.
    4) He transferred the lead to me.
    5) I dismissed him and clicked Travel Now in the window I opened in step 3.

    Seems the instance autocloses pretty quickly, so need to hurry up with steps 2-5.

    Hope this info is helpful for someone.



    • Thank you for this tip. I was trying to open instances I didn’t so far on my lvl71 guard but I didn’t know that trick with transferring fellowship 🙂 For some reason sometimes I had to do it twice (first time I’ve seen old instance on my alt) but it works, I was even able to finish battle for Hytbold, where you fight lvl85 orcs. Fortunately most work is done by NPCs, but low level can be killed by troll at the end for example.


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