Anniversary scavenger hunt guide – year 7

This week’s quests may be the most intensive yet. We are tasked with following in Legolas’ footsteps through Epic Battles, pestering raid bosses with emotes and traveling to battlefields across Middle-earth in search of remembrances. Let’s just hope the rewards are worth it.

This article is part of a series on the Anniversary scavenger hunt. Find out more here.

Year 7 rewards

Legolas cloak-2
Legolas’ Cloak (cosmetic back)
Quiet Cow.jpg
Quiet Cow (cosmetic pet; default name: Sue)

Year 7 tales: Legolas (recommended level: 100)


Objective Location
/Look from the top tower of Ost Galadh Minas Celebolf, Mirkwood
14.7S, 51.5W
/Dance in the Caradhras Snowfall Redhorn Snowfall, Eregion
47.2S, 2.7W
Spot a Nazgûl flying above the Anduin from the shore Thinglad, Great River
23.8S, 60.3W
/Hug Gimli in Cerin Amroth Lothlórien
11.9S, 67.9W
Slay a Mûmak
  • Crossroads, South Ithilien
  • Lân Mefam, South Ithilien
  • Pelennor Fields, Pre-battle
  • Dome of Stars (level 50-cap instance)
  • Ost Dunhoth – Wound & Fear (level 65-cap)
Defeat Orcs in Helm’s Deep Epic Battles (41)
  • Helm’s Dike
  • Deeping Wall
  • Deeping-coomb
  • Glittering Caves
  • Hornburg
Defeat Orcs in Rohan (8) All over Rohan
For example, at the camps outside Walstow in Sutcrofts
/Resist the gull’s cries upon the piers of Pelargir Pelargir
84.6S, 34.2W
*There is no gull to target

Year 7 travels: Places of Battle (recommended level: 85)

Gather 6 remembrances at each location.


  • Dead Marshes (go through Dol Amroth)
  • Fornost, North Downs
  • Greenfields, Shire
  • Osgiliath, Old Anórien
  • Fords of Isen, Gap of Rohan
  • Helm’s Deep, West Rohan
  • Nan Curunír, Dunland
  • Pelargir, Central Gondor
  • Pelennor, Old Anórien

Year 7 trifles: This Time With Feeling II (recommended level: 75)

All of these objectives involve using emotes on bosses in raids. You won’t need to actually defeat them, but where is the fun in that?

Objective Location
/Wink at Bogbereth Bogbereth’s lair, East Angmar
13.0N, 25.5W
/Congratulate Draigoch Draigoch’s Lair
Raid: level 75
Draigoch’s Lair or Rise of Isengard
/Dance for Dúrchest Barad Guldur
Raid: level 65-cap
/Curtsey for Durin’s Bane Ost Dunhoth – Wound and Fear
Raid: level 65-cap
/Meditate with Gortheron’s Golem Ost Dunhoth – Gortheron
Raid: level 65-cap
/Hug Nornúan Filikul
Raid: level 60
Make sure Saruman knows that he is /Crazy The Tower of Orthanc
Raid: level 75
Rise of Isengard
/Pose for Thaurlach The Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu
Raid: level 50
/Wave for The Lieutenant of Dol Guldur Barad Guldur
Raid: level 65-cap
/Flirt with The Mistress of Pestilence Dâr Narbugud
Raid: level 60
/Stare at The Watcher Vile Maw
Raid: level 60
/Flip for Thorog Helegrod: Dragon wing
Raid: level 50-cap
Misty Mountains

24 thoughts on “Anniversary scavenger hunt guide – year 7

    • It is doable if you get higher level help. For example for Legolas hard part is to get to Pelargir (from Minas Tirith or Dol Amroth). If you are willing to spend 1MC then no problem, otherwise it is a long ride with some protection recommended. Orcs are easy, just be there when someone is doing it (you can be summoned to East Rohan, only lvl60 is required).
      Travels are also possible but it won’t be quick and protection is necessary. Once you level to 70 you can be summoned to West Rohan, that helps with travels…


  1. I like this age a lot. One update to the Year 7 Travels: Places of Battles: The Dead Marshes. Near the two dots on the Dead Marshes map picture (SW of center) there is a third dot on the map that is WSW just over the rock wall from the previous two dots.

    Thanks for a great web page.


  2. If you do the Ost Dunhoth run that you need for Durin’s Bane, you will get the Mûmak killing finished at the same time.


  3. First of all, thanks for your guides. They make the anniversary scavenger quests that much easier. Second, we noticed that you miss one of the options for Year 7 trifles: This Time With Feeling II. You also need to /meditate with Gortheron’s golem (last fight in Gortheron wing in OD).


  4. Thanks for the great page! it’s always so helpful.
    This looks like the first year round I won’t be able to solo all the quests on my 105. My old kin is pretty much dead and it’s harder to find grouping.


  5. Half-orcs in Rohan count for “kill 8 orcs in Rohan” as well, so if you have anybody that still needs half orc deed, might be a good way to kill two birds with one stone 🙂


    • Actually it looks like everything counts. I tripped over the crebain master warband on the way to the half orc place and killed him, and all his crebain friends counted and finished it off for me. They may end up fixing this later.


  6. @Lopix, dont worry most likely those are coördinates of some kind. Within the minute they are on the web for sure 😉


  7. @Lopix, those scraps of paper and their contents are on lotrowiki here:

    As for the Mumak – you can do it with two players if one is a mini or RK, three if not or if more than one of you is squishy. My 105 hunter just did it – using her warsteed – at the Crossroads with mega-heals from a mini who was in the area. I wish I’d caught her name, she was awesome. My 99 LM, on the other hand, is going to have to try to level before the end of the event, or wait for next year. She tried it at the crossroads and got 2-hit. Twice.


    • There are much easier ways to slay a mumak…
      One is in Dome of Stars. If you set it to lvl50 you should be able to solo mumak boss in no time.
      Other 2 methods are even better. In Minas Tirith epic battle you can do that along with killing 41 orcs (easily doine solo).
      In Ost Dunhoth wound/fear wing you kill mumaks and emote Balrog for another year 7 quest. Many groups are doing it at lvl65 which is very easy…


    • You’ve got to get a group of at least 6 to break through the floor and start the actual encounter. When the target vitals for Draigoch’s Body pop up, you can click on that and do the emote.


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