Anniversary scavenger hunt – lowbie hunter guide

I’ve seen a bit of disgruntlement over the high requirements for the Anniversary scavenger hunt. You certainly won’t be able complete every single hunt quest, but you can, at least, as of “year two”, complete one of each set. This guide is a reduced version of the full hunter path guide and assumes you have a helpful hunter friend with all of the Eriador ports.

This article is part of a series on the Anniversary scavenger hunt. Find out more here.

Your recommended quests are these:

  • Year 1 Trifles: Old Foes
    • You will need at least one player in the fellowship level 60 or higher to collect the quests from Níels in Esteldín to spawn the mobs need for Old Foes. The highest level area you’ll be travelling to is Forochel, so your character should be at least level 45, though the absolute minimum is 29 to follow with the hunter port. However, the spawned mobs are level 60, so bring help.
    • You should also have discovered the Thorenhad stable otherwise you will have to port to Ost Guruth and ride to the Stone-trolls’ Glade.
  • Year 2 Travels: Tavern Crawl, Eriador
    • Make sure to pick up 1-3 “Remembrances” at each tavern.
  • Year 3 Tales: Boromir
    • We’ll be using the shortcut through the Belfalas housing broker to get to Minas Tirith.
    • You’ll need a high-level escort to slosh through Old Anórien. But it’s definitely doable at lower levels with some determination.
  • Year 4 Tales: Aragorn
    • You’ll need an escort to Pelargir (level 100), Pippin’s broach (Norcrofts, 75), After-battle Minas Tirith (105) and the Paths of the Dead (95).
    • You’ll also need a summon to Cerin Amroth in Lothlórien.
  • Year 5 Tales: Merry
    • Use the Bree to Minas Tirith shortcut
    • Get an escort to help you to Dunharrow, Flooded Isengard and Entwood (~level 80)
    • Do Year 5 Trifles if you’ve already completed Epic Volume I
  • Year 6 Trifles: Creatures Great & Small
    • Will need an escort to reach the goats in the Wold or Blackroot Vale

This guide is up to date as of Year 3.

Note: I won’t be updating the guide anymore as the requirement shot up dramatically with year 4 and beyond.

Again, green, italics denote using a hunter travel skill.

Step Year Quest Notes
1 * * Party Tree — pick up the Year 1 Trifles: Old Foes quest.
2 Travel to Esteldín. Pick up Níels’ bounty quests (only one in the fellowship needs the quests to spawn the mobs).
3 1 Trifles Take the stable horse to Amon Raith. Ride west to (10.5S, 57.5W) and defeat Morrafn.
4 1 Trifles Travel to Sûri-kylä. Use the boat at (19.5N, 73.8W) to Sari-surma. Swim directly north and die. Respawn and ride northeast to Farathlúg (20.5N, 82.3W).
5 1 Trifles Travel to Thorin’s Hall. Take the stable horse to Gondamon. Travel to (17.7S, 95.0W) and defeat Skithi Blackhand.
6 1 Trifles Travel to Michel Delving. Ride to (29.3S, 74.2W) and defeat Mangemaw.
7 1 Trifles Travel to Rivendell. Take the swift horse to Thorenhad. Ride to the Stone-trolls’ Glade and defeat Dhît (31.1S, 18.2W).
8 1 Trifles Travel to the Misty Mountains (Hrimbarg). Ride to (28.0S, 5.3E) and defeat Rothlúg.
9 1 Trifles Travel to Bree. Ride to Chetwood. Defeat Jagger Jack (26.2S, 43.9W) and Baugarch (27.4S, 44.0W).
10 1 Trifles Travel to Bree. Ride to Brandywood. Defeat Svalfang (25.3S, 61.9W).
(Year 1 Trifles done)
11 * * Travel to Party Tree (camp site). Turn in year one quest to Waldo. Pick up the Year 2 Travels: Tavern Crawl, Eriador quest.
12 2 Travels Ride to Hobbiton and have a drink at the Ivy Bush (3 remembrances). Ride to Bywater and have a drink at the Green Dragon (3 rems.).
13 2 Travels Ride to Frogmorton and have a drink in the Floating Log Inn. (2 rems.)
14 2 Travels Ride to Brockenborings and have a drink at the Plough and Stars Inn. (3 rems.)
15 2 Travels Ride to Stock and have a drink at the Golden Perch. (2 rems.)
16 2 Travels Travel to Bree. Have a drink in the Prancing Pony. (3 rems.)
17 2 Travels Ride to Combe and have a drink at the Comb and Wattle. (2 rems.)
18 2 Travels Ride to the Forsaken Inn and have a drink. (1 rem.)
19 2 Travels Travel to Thorin’s Hall. Have a drink at the inn. (2 rems.)
20 2 Travels Travel to Michel Delving. Have a drink at the Bird and Baby Inn. (2 rems.)
(Year 2 Travels done)
21 * * Travel to the Party Tree (camp site). Turn in the year two quest. Pick up Year 3 Tales: Boromir.
22 3 Tales Use the Belfalas housing shortcut and travel to Minas Tirith. Find the plaque of Boromir in the northern section of the first tier. (63.5S, 18.5W)
23 3 Tales Ride to the Tower of Ecthelion in the seventh tier and /kneel before the steward’s chair.
24 3 Tales Defeat foes on the Pelennor Fields (10) while riding to Osgiliath.
25 3 Tales Gather remembrances in Pre-battle Osgiliath (2 rems.)
26 3 Tales Ride north to Talath Anor and pick up Boromir’s horn. (47.1S, 16.2W)
27 3 Tales Travel to Rivendell. /Talk on the Spire of Meeting.
28 3 Tales Complete the session play, The Horn of Gondor.
29 3 Tales Travel to Echad Dunann. Ride to the Redhorn Pass. (47.1S, 2.6W)
30 3 Tales Ride west and pick up remembrances on the way to Echad Andestel (5 rems.) (Year 3 Tales done)
31 * * Travel to the Party Tree (Camp Site). Turn in year three quest.

3 thoughts on “Anniversary scavenger hunt – lowbie hunter guide

  1. If you are doing year 3 Boromir quests on low level character like 30 or lower bear in mind you might be one-shotted, especially in Pelennor fields near Osgiliath entrance there are 3 orcs archers which start shooting on sight along with some melee orcs attacking. Best option is to have 2 lvl100+, one clear the way ahead and 2nd by your low level toon or have guardian shielding you or burglar sharing invisibility. Also on the way to Talath Anor beware of mounted enemies and many animals (even neutral ones will attack) near Boromir’s horn. I hope that helps 🙂


  2. I was able to do year 4 Aragorn quest on my lvl55 guard (can be lower than that) by using MC to travel from Bree to after-battle Osgiliath and easy ride from there to Aragorn’s Pavillion. Maybe it’s possible without using MC but it’s long ride through Gondor, South Ithilien and then portal to North part and I’m not sure lowbies can use a boat to get to South Ithilien (I’ve heard chickens can). Hardest part was between Entwade and Edoras (many mounted enemies around the road) on the way to the paths of the dead, not possible for lowbies without escort…


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