Roving threats of update 16.2

Another update, more roving threats added to older regions. This time, it’s Evendim, North Downs and Southern Mirkwood. If you have no idea what roving threats are, they are super-powerful level 100 mobs found in different locations each day. Use the maps below to begin your hunt and be sure to check out RTPlugin by Mathwold, a plugin that will allow you to keep track and share roving threat locations in-game. In addition to the new threats, barter costs were reduced making it easier to obtain a first-age level 100 legendary item and roving threat barterers now have item XP runes and Anfalas Scrolls of Empowerment for enhancing your legendary items.

Also, thanks to this thread for providing some of the locations. Please leave a comment if there’s a location not listed below.


Evendim roving threats

  • Quests start: Tinnudir – 12.2S, 67.5W
  • 5.0S, 68.4W
  • 5.8S, 61.4W
  • 6.1S, 73.9W
  • 9.0S, 74.1W
  • 15.3S, 64.4W
  • 16.1S, 75.2W
  • 16.7S, 64.1W
  • 18.6S, 70.2W

North Downs

North Downs roving threats

  • Quests start: Esteldín – 9.6S, 41.4W
  • 6.0S, 40.0W
  • 7.0S, 53.6W
  • 8.1S, 36.2W
  • 8.2S, 33.0W
  • 8.7S, 36.2W
  • 9.7S, 56.2W
  • 9.6S, 52.3W
  • 11.0S, 47.3W
  • 11.4S, 58.4W
  • 12.2S, 57.9W
  • 13.6S, 53.0W

Southern Mirkwood

Southern Mirkwood roving threats

  • Quests start: Ost Galadh – 14.5S, 51.1W
  • 12.8S, 43.7W
  • 13.4S, 59.0W
  • 15.8S, 46.5W
  • 16.0S, 58.3W
  • 16.1S, 53.5W
  • 18.2S, 48.7W
  • 19.0S, 56.3W
  • 19.3S, 46.7W

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