Copying your characters to Bullroarer using the new transfer system

The first phase in the great character migration has begun. Update 16.3 updated the launcher to allow character copies to the Bullroarer server to test the service and give us a preview of how things will go down on the live servers. This post is intended to document the process as well as show those who have not downloaded the separate Bullroarer server how character copies will happen and hopefully give an idea of how transfers will work in the future.

The transfer button


Log in to your account with the Bullroarer client and you will see the world selection screen with an additional “Transfer” button which will open the transfer/copy window. Only character copy is available to Bullroarer so anything you copy there will remain on the live servers. Also, kinships and housing transfer features are not a part of the character copy service but will be available for transfer.

Choosing which server to transfer from


After opening the transfer window, you will see a list of all 29 servers. Hovering over a server name will reveal the characters you have on that server. At this point, you can only transfer from one server at a time.

Choosing which characters and/or items to transfer


The next screen shows a list of the characters on the server you chose as well as the option to transfer the account-shared items from that server. It is unclear whether there will be additional options on this screen for kinship and house transfers or if this feature will be automatic.

Choosing the destination server


As of writing this post, you can only copy your character to Bullroarer, but presumably this screen will only show the remaining ten servers available for transfer, or perhaps only the five servers that match the source server’s region (i.e., E.U. for E.U.).

Review and confirm your selection


If there’s something amiss with this summary page, go back and repeat the process. Shortly after confirming, your account will be locked (there is no indication how long this takes) and you will get an e-mail when the process is complete. Log in and check that everything transferred correctly, and if not, contact customer support like it says in the e-mail.

e-mail confirm


6 thoughts on “Copying your characters to Bullroarer using the new transfer system

    • A few minutes according to devs on the forum, but during stress tests when everyone is trying to copy their characters, it’ll likely take quite a while as the copy/transfer system gets congested.


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