Treasure caches of Western Gondor

It has come to my attention while running a Beorning through Gondor that I have neglected to create a handy-dandy map for treasure caches in Western Gondor. This deed arrived before I revived the Department of Strategery but nevertheless I felt it necessary to keep the collection of treasure cache maps on this site complete and up to date. In addition to 10 Turbine points, for completing the deed you will receive 60 marks, +1 Determination virtue, 18 Amroth Silver Pieces, +900 reputation with the Dol Amroth faction and a title, Treasure Hunter of West Gondor.


Western Gondor treasure caches

Blackroot Vale

  • 61.8S, 69.5W
  • 59.2S, 68.5W
  • 60.6S, 66.1W
  • 60.1S, 66.9W
  • 60.6S, 64.1W
  • 57.2S, 62.5W


  • 60.5S, 57.7W
  • 62.5S, 60.6W
  • 65.2S, 61.0W
  • 65.6S, 59.4W
  • 67.4S, 54.5W
  • 72.9S, 57.5W

Havens of Belfalas

  • 75.4S, 59.4W
  • 76.5S, 62.8W
  • 73.6S, 64.8W
  • 77.2S, 69.4W
  • 78.9S, 69.4W
  • 76.5S, 73.6W

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