Anniversary scavenger hunt guide – year 11

Just when you thought they were done, they throw you one more, and these may be some of the most difficult and most widespread hunts we’ve seen. This set takes us back to many of the locations that Gollum visited on his journeys. We also take a round trip tour of the ruins of Middle-earth and have a cryptic epic entish poem to decipher.

As this is the second year the anniversary scavenger hunt is offered, all of the previous ten years are already available. No waiting around for one a week like last year. The devs have even said that the scavenger hunt portion of the festival will remain available for some time after the main anniversary festival to give people time to finish it off. And while the meta-riddle (paper scraps) does not continue with year 11, we still get some rewards to revel in for our efforts.

This article is part of a series on the Anniversary scavenger hunt. Find out more here.

Year 11 rewards

Gollum Festival Mask
Gollum Festival Mask
Emote: Ent_horn (makes two different ent noises)

Year 11 tales: Gollum (recommended level: 105)


You only need to complete ten of these eleven objectives to finish this card. There is an erroneous quest mark in the Silvertine Lodes of Moria. Also, there’s a portal between the Noman-lands and the Dead Marshes!

Objective Location
Search for the Precious in Gollum’s Cave Goblin-town
21.8S, 6.2E
Remembrances in Gollum’s Cave (3) Goblin-town
21.8S, 6.2E
Open shackles west of Barad-dûr Dor Amarth, Mordor
46.5S, 22.6E
Gollum’s Cell in Felegoth Dungeons of Felegoth
47.3N, 125.3W
Quest instance: ‘A Trap for the Creature’ Garbert’s Cottage, Trollshaws
38.3S, 14.5W
Base of a tree in Lothlórien Haldir’s Flet
16.2S, 73.5W
Swim in the Anduin southeast of Floodwend The Wold, East Rohan
46.4S, 46.3W
Remembrances in the Dead Marshes and Noman-lands (2) Dead Marshes: 30.2S, 11.3W
Noman-lands: 36.9S, 15.7W
Session Play: ‘The Precious, At Last’ North Ithilien
41.7S, 10.3W
Swim in the Forbidden Pool Henneth Annun, North Ithilien
48.3S, 8.5W
/Listen to a gossip in one of the markets of Dale Dale
24.2N, 24.9W

Year 11 travels: Ruins of Middle-earth (recommended level: 100; Mirkwood access)


Collect 24 remembrances across these twelve ruins.

Objective Location Rems.
Midgewater Marsh Bree-land
31.0S, 44.8W
Iskeld’s Lookout Misty Mountains
21.5S, 4.6W
Gwaelband, Annúminas Evendim
17.8S, 70.2W
Ost Gorthad, Barrow-downs Bree-land
35.5S, 53.9W
Ost Galadh, Emyn Lûm Mirkwood
14.5S, 51.1W
Bâr Húrin South Ithilien
73.2S, 12.3W
Haerondir The Wastes
36.6S, 8.9W
Brangobel South Ithilien
71.5S, 9.1W
Ethillorn Lebennin
84.0S, 45.6W
Ost Dúrgonn South Trollshaws
31.8S, 20.7W
Echad Guaradan Trollshaws
38.3S, 16.1W
Ost Lagoros, Kingsfell North Downs
9.6S, 47.6W

Year 11 trifles: Long List of the Ents (recommended level: 100)


These objectives are extracted from a longer poem which is written in its entirety here.

Objective Location
Eldest of all, the elf-children Caras Galadhon, Lothlórien
15.4S, 67.0W
Dwarf the delver, dark are his houses Endless Stairs, Foundations of Stone
14.7S, 99.0W
Ent the earthborn, old as the mountains Wellinghall, Entwood
38.3W, 85.3W
Man the mortal, master of horses Edoras, West Rohan
62.1S, 72.8W
Beaver the builder The Dale-lands
26.3N, 25.0W
Buck the leaper High Moor, Trollshaws
33.3S, 8.8W
Bear the bee-hunter Buckland, Bree-land
30.9S, 60.7W
Boar the fighter The Greenway, North Downs
14.3S, 52.0W
Hound is hungry Bree Mess Hall
30.5S, 51.2W
Hare is fearful Field of Cormallen, North Ithilien
47.7S, 13.3W
Eagle in Eyrie Dómstoll, Misty Mountains
21.9S, 8.6E
Ox in pasture Starkmoor, Dunland
81.9S, 20.1W
Hart horn-crownéd Eryn Lasgalen
16.7N, 39.0W
Hawk is swiftest Torech Andraug, Eregion
50.5S, 8.9W
Swan the whitest Rushgore, Great River
28.2S, 55.0W
Serpent coldest Tyrn Fornech, Evendim (on the path to Forochel)
1.0S, 62.3W
The Hobbit children, the laughing folk The Party Tree
29.6S, 71.8W

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