Dol Amroth City Watch – Docks guide

The dreaded docks are up next. If you like fishing in Lotro, then you won’t mind doing the four landscape quests for the docks. If you happen to curse fishing like a plague of spine-eating buzzards, then this isn’t the faction for you. Good news, though, since you only have to do the quests once for the deed and then you can buy all the tokens you need. Thankfully, the quests in the Dol Amroth training exercise require no extra skills other than a little bit of luck hoping to get the side objective you’re looking for.

Landscape quests

Lamedon_map-docks quests

For all of these quests, look for the buff effect “Fishing” under your character portrait before you cast your rod. Only then will you have a chance to complete the quest objective.


FishingQuest-giver: Turchail [75.3S, 71.3W]

  • Turtles in the Depths
    • Fish up and defeat the turtles (0/4)
      This is the most straightforward of the fishing quests. Go to the swamp in Lamedon, fish until you find a turtle, then destroy it. These signature-difficulty turtles can put up a fight, though, so make sure you re-equip your weapon directly after snatching a turtle from the water. And for some reason, you stay in combat for an awkward period of time after you defeat one of these.

The Salmon Run

  • The Salmon Run
    • Catch Lamedon Salmon (0/8)
      This quest is similar to exactly the same as the Hytbold quest “The Garsfeld Guppy” but here’s a refresher: Find and fish in pools of swirling water. These pools despawn after two minutes, so you can get in 4-5 casts before they disappear and you have to find a new one. To top it off, the drop rate on the Lamedon Salmon is rather low, so you’re prone to end up with lots of junk before finishing this quest. Luckily, the spawn points are static, so you just need to hop on your horse and check the spots until you find the fish again. And if you’re wondering if it’s easier to do the quest in the east or the west of Lamedon, go to the west. It’s definitely easier and more consistent to find the pools of swirling water in the west.
  • The Bait Ball
    • Catch fish (0/3)
      The object of this quest is to find an imaginary “bait ball” on the shore of a little pond south of the ransacked town of Lothgobel. Basically, you run around till some billboard text pops up then you have two minutes to fish up three fish. To make it easier, just watch your buff bar for the “Fishing” effect. Unfortunately, you can and probably will fail this quest and you’ll have to hitch a ride back to Dol Amroth to pick it up again.
  • Baiting the Hook
    • Catch Calembel Carp (0/3)
      For this quest, there are some worms wriggling out of the ground north of a river near Calembel. Using the fish gives you a one-minute buff in which you can catch Calembel Carp which should give you enough time to run back to the river and cast your rod one time (two times if you’re lucky). FYI, it takes about 20-30 seconds per cast.

Training exercise quests

The docks scenario in the training exercise is unique in that it does not have an interior with a boss inside; everything takes place outside on the docks and you’ll encounter the boss fairly early on. However, and I’m not sure this is intended, you can still enter the interior of the Warehouse but there is nothing to find inside, but you can use it to drop aggro or to despawn some monster allies after you slay their master. You’ll also encounter stealthed sneaks in some of the groups so keep your eyes peeled.

Dol Amroth - Docks - training exercise


  • The Docks
    • Defeat Darîjan
    • Defeat bands of corsairs (0/9)
  • Down with his Ship
    • Defeat corsair captains on their ships (0/3)
  • Sealing the City
    • Close the gate
  • Shelter in Place
    • Search houses (0/4)
  • Sinking the Fleet
    • Destroy boats (0/9)
  • Supplies from the Sea
    • Confiscate supplies (0/10)
  • The Fleet of Gondor
    • Restore statues (0/11)

2 thoughts on “Dol Amroth City Watch – Docks guide

  1. Great work on these DA guides thus far! Nice informative images, helpful text, all that jazz! I will say that the last couple times I have tried the infamous Bait Ball have been successful. I’m not sure whether that is just RNG, or possibly they increased the chance of a successful fishing in a later patch. Either way, it has not been as annoying of a quest as it was during its inception.

    Thanks for the tip about doing the salmon run in the west. Until now, I have been doing it in the east, and I’d have to constantly be moving around…sometimes it felt like the GM was right there, despawning pools as soon as I got to one. I’ll try west the next time (if I have to do it again). Keep up the great work!


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