Dol Amroth City Watch – Great Hall guide

The Great Hall of Dol Amroth is the hub of all formal political activity in the city. There you’ll find the person in charge, Lothíriel, the daughter of Prince Imrahil who left to answer the call of Gondor at Minas Tirith. During the training exercise, presumably all of these powerful individuals are safely hidden away in their secret underground bunkers. And even though the city is under constant threat of corsair invasion, their priority is to save the wildlife on the island of Tol Fennas which is where the landscape quests will take you. Typical politicians.

Landscape quests


Tol Fennas - Great Hall

To get to the island, take the Tol Fennas boat in the docks of the city. All of these are simple pick-up quests. Find the flashing object and grab it. But for Raven’s Rookery, when you approach the summit of Amon Corch, a two-minute timer begins in which you need to “save” 10 raven eggs from corsairs. There are two ravens which will attack and slow you down, and a couple stealthed corsairs near the western steps. Don’t be alarmed if the baddies aren’t there; sometimes they spawn underground and are harmless.


Quest-giver: Dimlas [75.3S, 71.3W]

  • Tol Fennas – Caught and Caged
    • Destroy cages (0/8)
  • Tol Fennas – Planting Anew
    • Plant Seeds (0/10)
  • Tol Fennas – Raven’s Rookery
    • Gather eggs (0/10) (2 minutes)
  • Tol Fennas – Snares
    • Collect snares (0/10)

Training exercise quests


All of the outside quests take place in the gardens near the great hall. The target for the quest “There’s Always One” is an enemy named “Traitor” which patrols between the east and west gardens. For Stripping it Bare, make sure to check for Looters right inside the entrance to the great hall.

  • The Great Hall
    • Defeat Mîkhin
    • Defeat bands of corsairs (0/8)
  • Climbing a Cliff (outside)
    • Destroy grappling hooks (0/6)
  • Foul Waters (inside)
    • Remove poison (0/4)
  • Garden of Lumber (outside)
    • Defeat Wood-cutters (0/8)
  • Stripping it Bare (inside)
    • Defeat Vandals (0/6)
  • The Heart of Dol Amroth (outside)
    • Secure swans (0/6)
  • There’s Always One (outside)
    • Find and defeat the traitor

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