Anniversary scavenger hunt guide – year 6

Year 6 of the scavenger hunt is here! We’re more than halfway to finding out the mystery of the scraps of paper. Till then, just reserve 10 inventory spots on each character to hold them. This week we’ll travel in the footsteps of Pippin, go on a tavern crawl in Rhovanion and /pat furry creatures all along the way.

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How to get from Bree to Minas Tirith at any level

I made a video! Specifically a video detailing an oft-cited shortcut from Bree-land to Minas Tirith which will make your lowbie scavenger hunting slightly less annoying. All you need to do is

  1. Visit the Cape of Belfalas Housing Broker near the boar fountain of Bree.
  2. “Tour” a house at 5 Cape Road (or any house on Cape Road).
  3. Exit the neighborhood to the east.
  4. Take the swift horse to Minas Tirith.

Also included is a helpful hint about getting to Dol Amroth using the same procedure but instead of Cape Road, visit a home on Cypress Road and exit the neighborhood to the west. Happy trails!

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Anniversary scavenger hunt guide – year 4

Orcs! We are besett by orcs on all sides! Grab your swords, bows and axes and venture across Middle-earth (yet again!) to slay the never-ceasing stream of orcs pouring from the depths. Also, reminisce about Aragorn, a.k.a. Strider, a.k.a. Elessar, a.k.a. Thorongil, a.k.a. The Dank King of Gondor. And to top it all off, have some skirmishes. These adventures await you in year 4 of the anniversary scavenger hunt.

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Anniversary scavenger hunt – suggested hunter path


Face it. The scavenger hunt was made for hunters. It even has half of the class’ name in its title. But even with a hunter, you’ll still be running around Middle-earth like a chicken without its head. From henceforth, the scavenger hunt will unofficially be known as the “Befriend a hunter” festival.

This guide seeks to minimize the redundancy in travelling by focusing on one quest from each “year” to unlock the next set, picking up locations as you go along. I expect to update this guide as each new “year” is released, but poke me if I don’t get around to it.

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