Dol Amroth City Watch – Armoury

The following is the first of eight faction guides for the city watch of Dol Amroth end-game quests. In this guide, we take a look at the Armoury which has its headquarters in the western part of the city where the skirmish NPCs are located. As always, the quests are split between landscape daily quests and training exercise objectives.

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The Dol Amroth City Watch – A brief overview

Beginning with Update 14 and the release of Western Gondor, the Dol Amroth City Watch is the latest in end-game repeatable content. By now most of you have experienced these quests so this primer is for those of you who have just reached this summit or for you experienced players who just want a better understanding of how things work. Here I give a general over-arching overview first and later go into detail in the faction quests in subsequent posts and link them back here.

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