Anniversary scavenger hunt guide – year 5

Your scavenger hunt tasks this week, should you choose to accept them, are as follows:

  • Tales – Merry: Follow in the footsteps of that happy little hobbit
  • Travels – bodies of water: swim, swim and swim some more. You’ll have the body of Michael Phelps in no time!
  • Trifles – reflections II – relive some of the most iconic instances in the first volume of the epic quest and more!

This article is part of a series on the Anniversary scavenger hunt. Find out more here.

Year 5 rewards

Fishing Creel.jpg
Fishing Creel (Cosmetic back)
Treebeard's Ladle.jpg
Treebeard’s Ladle (Cosmetic weapon)

Year 5 tales: Merry (recommended level: 100)


Objective Location
Gather remembrances at Brandy Hall (4) Buckland, Bree-land
33.3S, 62.4W
Carry packs to the ponies in front of Bag End North of the Party Tree
29.4S, 71.3W
Visit the Bucklebury Ferry The Shire/Bree-land
33.5S, 63.5W
Gather remembrances in the Bonfire Glade (3) Old Forest, Bree-land
32.9S, 60.7W
Study the maps in Elrond’s House in Rivendell (3) Two in the Library
One in Bilbo’s room
One in the Hall of Fire
29.6S, 3.3W
Drink some of Treebeard’s ent-draught in Wellinghall Entwood
38.3S, 85.2W
Enjoy a meal in the gatehouse of Flooded Isengard Access from West Rohan, Gap of Rohan or Derndingle (Entwood)
47.5S, 89.7W
/Thank Éowyn in the Rohirrim camp in Dunharrow West Rohan
70.1S, 71.3W
/Mourn at Snowmane’s Howe Pelennor Fields
65.7S, 14.0W
Talk to Merry in the High Hall (after battle) Minas Tirith (After-battle)
Masters’ tier
66.1S, 19.0W

Year 5 travels: Bodies of water (recommended level: 100; Moria access)


Objective Location
Nen Harn (6) Between Bree and North Downs
Lake Evendim (6) Evendim
Forochel Ice Bay (6) Forochel
Ford of Bruinen (6) Trollshaws
Water-works (6) Moria
Foundations of Stone (6) Moria
Mirrormere (6) Lothlórien
Nen Hithoel (6) East Wall, East Rohan
Lake Isingmere (6) Wildermore
Lake Gilrain (6) Central Gondor

Year 5 trifles: Reflections II (recommended level: 50)


The locations listed above and below will direct you to the reflecting pools where you can relive these instances, though if you haven’t completed them once already, there’s a link to Lotro-wiki to help you get started.

Objective Location
The Last Refuge Rivendell
Vol. I, Book 5, Ch. 5
Frodo’s Burden Rivendell
The Valley of Imladris” quest chain
The Fellowship Departs Rivendell
Vol. II prologue
A Trap for the Creature Rivendell
The Creeping Shadow” quest chain
Mordrambor Tinnudir, Evendim
Vol. I, Book 11, Ch. 2
The Ties That Bind Sûri-kylä
Capture the Bride” quest chain
The Rite of Clúcath Aughaire, Angmar
Crannog’s Challenge” quest chain
The Seven Swords Aughaire, Angmar
The Seven Swords” quest chain
The Doom of the North Rivendell
Vol. I, Book 14, Ch. 15
One Hope Remains Rivendell
Vol. I, Book 15, Ch. 12

4 thoughts on “Anniversary scavenger hunt guide – year 5

  1. It might be useful also to put which pool of Remembrance the instances can be accessed from for those who have completed the quests already. For example the first 4 can be accessed at Rivendell.


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