Anniversary scavenger hunt guide – year 4

Orcs! We are besett by orcs on all sides! Grab your swords, bows and axes and venture across Middle-earth (yet again!) to slay the never-ceasing stream of orcs pouring from the depths. Also, reminisce about Aragorn, a.k.a. Strider, a.k.a. Elessar, a.k.a. Thorongil, a.k.a. The Dank King of Gondor. And to top it all off, have some skirmishes. These adventures await you in year 4 of the anniversary scavenger hunt.

This article is part of a series on the Anniversary scavenger hunt. Find out more here.

Year 4 rewards

Tarkrip Clan Shield (Cosmetic back item)
Banner of the Paths of the Dead.jpg
Banner of the Paths of the Dead (Small wall housing decoration)

Year 4 Tales: Aragorn (Recommended level: 100; Minas Tirith (After-battle) access)

Note: You can be ported or summoned to the after-battle instance of Minas Tirith.


Objective Location
Defeat foes in Annuminas (10) Annuminas, Evendim (instances also count)
Talk to Arwen in Rivendell Rivendell
26.7S, 5.3W
/Smoke in the Prancing Pony, to the right of the stage Prancing Pony, Bree
Gather remembrances up on Weathertop (3) Lone-lands
31.2S, 36.9W
Pick an Elanor flower on Cerin Amroth Cerin Amroth, Lothlórien
Spot the brooch Pippin dropped in Rohan, south of Springview Estate Norcrofts, East Rohan
50.1S, 56.1W
Talk to Aragorn in Rivendell to recall the reforging of Narsil Rivendell
30.7S, 6.2W
Gather remembrances in the Paths of the Dead (3) Entrance: Kingstead (West Rohan) or Blackroot Vale (Western Gondor)

2 inside; 1 at Kingstead entrance

Visit the statue of Thorongil in Pelargir Pelargir (Central Gondor)
83.1S, 34.7W
Study the marching plans inside the tent in Aragorn’s Pavilion Pelennor (After-battle)
At the back of the big tent

Year 4 Travels: Orc Clans (Recommended level: 60; Moria, Mirkwood access)

You must defeat 10 orcs of each clan listed. You will pick up remembrances (40 needed) as drops from the orcs. Remember that uruk-hai and goblins do not count for the quest. There are a couple places where clan-named orcs do not count for the deed, for example the Tarkrîp and Blogmal inside the Rift raid do not count, neither do the White Hand orcs inside The Grand Stair. Note that this is not an exhaustive list; there are likely plenty more places where orcs are hiding.


Objective Location
Blogmal Angmar (see map)
Búrzthrang Gathburz (Mirkwood)

Skirmish: Protectors of Thangulhad

Ghâsh-hai Flaming Deeps (Moria)

Instance: Grand Stair
Instance: Halls of Crafting
Instance: Forges of Khazad-dum
Quest instance: One Hope Remains

Globsnaga Moria (Foundations of Stone, Redhorn Lodes, Water-works)

Instance: Sixteenth hall (after first boss)

Krahjarn Angmar (see map)

Instance: Urugarth

Ongbúrz Angmar (see map)
North Downs (Dol Dinen, Fornost)Instance: The Library at Tham Mirdan
Instance: Urugarth
Tarkrîp Angmar (see map)
Bree-land (North)
North Downs (Nan Wathren)
Lone-lands (East)
White Hand Angmar (see map)
Bree-land (North)
Dunland (South)
East Rohan
Moria (Redhorn Lodes, Water-works)
Nan Curunir (named “Isengard”)
Lone-lands (Weathertop)Instance: Pits of Isengard

Year 4 Trifles: A Good Old Skirmish (Recommended level: 60; Volume II, book 9, and volume III, book 1, skirmishes unlocked)

You’ll have to access these skirmishes through the Instance Join panel (no hunters needed!) and though some require unlocking through the epic quest in Mirkwood and Volume III.

Skirmish Prerequisite Lowest skirmish level
Trouble in Tuckborough None 20
Attack at Dawn VIP or through LOTRO store 30
Thievery and Mischief VIP or through LOTRO store 30
Defence of the Prancing Pony VIP or through LOTRO store 35
Storm on Methedras VIP or through LOTRO store 20
Assault on the Ringwraiths’ Lair Vol. II, Book 9, Chap 15: Assault on Dol Guldur 60
Battle in the Tower Vol. II, Book 9, Chap 18: The Battle in the Tower 60
Rescue in Nûrz Ghâshu Vol. III, Book 1, Chap 8: The Depths of Duty 60

13 thoughts on “Anniversary scavenger hunt guide – year 4

  1. At least for the Ongburz Orcs, (only ones confirmed so far) and possibly for other clans, the orcs you kill in Trifles skirmishes count to the Travels/Orc clan counts.


  2. Amazing guide…..if I could us it!
    For some strange reason, I’ve not unlocked Year 4 even though I’ve done at least one of each year. Might you have any idea what’s wrong? :/


      • Just tried looking, still didn’t have them. Going to try doing one more year 3 and if that doesn’t work, maybe I’ll submit a ticket. Thanks! 😀


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