Low-effort cosmetics: The Pacifist Dwarf

This here is Hagbro. He’s a level 1 dwarf who has sworn off all violent tendencies after his sister went into a genocidal rage, as dwarves are prone to do, slaughtering every last woodland creature in a ten-kilometer radius of their childhood home. The void of furry critters caused Hagbro to leave his family and his destiny as a guardian of Erebor in search of higher meaning. He now wanders Middle-Earth in garb emulating the beasts he lost in his youth. He also has a drinking problem.

Living off the land
Befriending dead animals
Bonding with nature
Contemplating the meaning of life
  • Head: Mask of the North Ithilien Fox
  • Shoulders: Mantle of the North Ithilien Fox
  • Chest: Bare-chest (295 TP)
  • Pants: No pants

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