Cape of Belfalas annotated map

I thought I’d never blog again, but I haven’t seen a decent map of the Gondor premium housing area yet. And since I enjoy making maps and had some free time, well, here you go:


Bonus steps for quick travel from Bree to Minas Tirith:

  1. Talk to Gondor housing lady at boar fountain in Bree.
  2. Tour a house at 5 Cape Road.
  3. Exit the neighborhood to the east.
  4. Take the swift horse outside to Minas Tirith.

3 thoughts on “Cape of Belfalas annotated map

  1. Thanks for this map, really helpful. Too bad in game map also doesn’t have vendors, tasks, vault-keepers and so on… Also no public mailbox in there, at least I couldn’t find one. I hope they fix that in later patch.
    BTW. Could you please put back images in some posts, I mean especially chicken guide and U18 armour sets posts? I believe they were lost after you stop your blog and link changed. I tried to modify links manually but it doesn’t work unfortunately…


  2. FANTASTIC! I knew you would come back with maps! :)))))

    If you don’t mind and if you have free time, could you please draw an Ithilien map with the location of every single herb and its name? thanks!
    JUST KIDDING, of course! 🙂
    But it was only to tell you that we miss your maps and other fantastic posts! Fare well

    Liked by 1 person

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