Update 18: trait point checklist

During the anniversary stream, we received some insight into the inner workings of the trait point system implemented during the Helm’s Deep class upheaval. Because the game does not track where trait points come from, it makes it difficult to build a native trait point tracker into the client. Such a feature would be greatly useful especially to those of us who frequently hop from character to character. Although they hinted at a project in the works that may eventually evolve into such a tracker, I took matters into my own hands and cobbled together a spreadsheet to keep track of which trait points I’ve earned on which characters.

The spreadsheet is split into two parts. Sheet 1 is the actual tracker. Add values in the cells and your total gets calculated at the bottom which should match with your in-game total. Sheet 2 shows where to check for each trait point, either the deed log or the quest log, and the names to look for.

LOTRO trait point checklist (U18) [XLS]
LOTRO trait point checklist (U18) [PDF]
Google Sheets


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