Celebrating LOTRO’s ninth anniversary

The Lord of the Rings Online launched nine years ago on April 22, 2007, and to commemorate the occasion, the team at Turbine have added to their standard anniversary celebration festival with several cosmetic and housing items as well as rewards for long-standing accounts. In addition, community manager Frelorn will host a six-hour stream on Wednesday, April 27, from 12 to 6 P.M. /servertime with “team both from past and present.”

We also received an explanation from Arbor regarding the token exchange NPCs promised in the update 18 release notes that would allow players to convert tokens from one festival into another. While the NPC should have been there for the anniversary, it wasn’t hooked up properly and so it will not spawn on its own. Then it’s beer brawling and envelope chasing for the sparse tokens.

Now let’s get on with the new rewards:

The Blue Orb emote (9-year reward)
Fire Flower Cloak
Fire Flower Cloak (10 tokens)
Gate to Moria
Gate to Moria painting (small wall; 20 tokens)
Glorious Beer-trophy
Glorious Beer-mug Trophy (large furniture; 10 tokens; enormous shrew for scale)
Large Moria Mirror
Large Moria Mirror (large yard; rotates when used; 20 tokens)
Path to Moria
Path to Moria painting (small wall; 20 tokens)
Purple Moria Crystal
Purple Moria Crystal (ceiling; tokens)
Watchful Raven Statue2
Watchful Raven Statue (small yard; 10 tokens)
Windfells Goat2
The Windfells Goat (40 tokens)

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