Instance guide: Ost Elendil

‘In and out within ten minutes’ – that’s what they should call this fast-food instance. Ost Elendil is located in the heart of Annúminas in the region of Evendim or ‘Everswim’ as it is more colloquially known. This six-person instance features two boss encounters amongst a smattering of trash mobs but you can boil it all down to three pulls of varying size: the appetizer, the main course, and a marathon dessert rolled out slowly so you can savor every bite. Be sure to also check out Department of Strategery’s guide to Haudh Valendil.

Ost Elendil map

There are three main mechanics in this instance to understand before taking on the enemies within. The ancient denizens of Ost Elendil are particularly sensitive to light. There are curtains fastened by counterweights (use the delete key if you have difficulty selecting them with with the mouse) on the south side of the instance that open up windows to let the radiant sunlight in. If you’re cardinally challenged, south is to the left if you’re running through the instance from the entrance to the throne room. There are also puddles of blue light shining through stained glass windows. These are mainly used to make the Tormented Spirits easier to hit.

The light has different effects on different mobs:

Mob In the dark In the light
Morelendil Guards Invulnerable to damage White light kills them after about eight seconds in the light and spawns a number of spirits
Balhest Negate about 90% of damage White light gives him -10% all resistances
Tormented Spirits and Horrors (Spirits only) +75% evade chance and damage Blue light gives them +10% incoming melee critical chance

Both the Morelendil Guards and Guloth have a skill called Terrible Retribution which causes all damage other than light, lightning, frost or beleriand to reflect 25% back to the source. If your fellowship walks into this blindly, you’d better have a good healer or good life insurance plans.

Your first pull is a test to see if you’ve been paying attention. No one but the tank need attack the two guards. Just drag them into the light and watch them melt away. You’ll know it’s working if they shine a bright yellow. Side note: the “Elder” guards produce three spirits while the normal guards produce only one. Pull these spirits out of the white light and into the blue light if you find it frustrating that most of your attacks are evading.

Ost Elendil-counterweight
A window opened by a counterweight letting in white light

After these guys, the gate doesn’t open automatically; use some elbow grease and do it yourself. Most groups I’ve fellowed with these days run straight ahead to the first boss, Guloth, pulling everything along the way, settling in the southern room closest to the boss. Have someone who doesn’t have aggro on the hoard open the window. Guloth negates most damage when he has a Morelendil Guard summoned so drag those to the light then go to town on Guloth.

Area-of-effect attacks will work wonders here, just don’t forget to keep everyone healed up or it could go south quickly. If this pull is too intense for your group, simply take it in steps, clearing out as much as you can before trying the boss again.

Ost Elendil-blue light2
The center of the second chamber with blue light shining down

Loot the chest then head to the south-west corner of the throne room and open the window. Upon approaching Belhest, the second boss, you’ll face wave after wave of Morelendil Guards – three groups of 3, one group of 4 and one group of 5. You should know the drill by now. If you’re frustrated with the spirits’ super high evade chance, have one tank pulling guards to the white light while the rest of the group pull the spirits to a patch of blue light on the opposite side of the room.

Approach Balhest again and he sics his priestesses on you. If you’re doing the challenge at level cap, you have to damage the priestesses enough without killing them (somewhere around 50% of their morale) so that Balhest intervenes. The priestesses must witness the fall of Balhest. Avoid AoE and DoT attacks. Tabbing through targets can also send a stray autoattack at an already vulnerable target. When Balhest enters the fight, have one person tank the priestesses away from the group in case someone fires off an accidental AoE attack.

Ost Elendil-blue light
A patch of blue light in the final chamber

Succeed and be rewarded with a boss chest, a challenge chest, if run at the level cap, and if Ost Elendil is the featured instance of the week, a Grey (level 100-104) or Malachite (level 105) box of ancient spoils. The challenge chest and malachite box can contain leggings, shoes, shoulders and ring from the featured instance gear pool which have two essence slots each. The ancient spoils boxes contain long-lost coins, bartered in Minas Tirith for essence recipes, level 105 rare (purple) essences and scrolls of empowerment. The boss and challenge chests have a selection of heritage runes, sealed relics, star-lit crystals, crystals of remembrance, stat tomes, relic removal scrolls as well as rare and incomparable (blue) gear (item level 217 at level 105).


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