Update 18: Task boards for everyone

Tasks – A feature I had almost forgotten about until a planned change showed up in the Bullroarer patch notes for Update 18:

All housing neighbourhoods now contain Task boards. You can accept and complete every task at these boards. Source

That’s right. Every task in the game will be available at sets of eleven task boards in each of the four different housing neighborhoods that display tasks in increments of ten levels.

Task boards-man2

It may not be super helpful for those of you who turned in the initial 500 tasks just to complete the deeds and get the cloaks or those who never bothered with the system at all and sold the loot for currency instead, but I’m sure somewhere out there a grateful dwarf and his horse-drawn carriage full of useless trophies are rejoicing at the convenience of turning in tasks for reputation or experience all in one place.

For those of you wondering, each task board indicates which level range it should be used for with both its name and a banner behind it. These tasks are also of the collection box variety meaning one must double back between the board and the box when turning in a great deal of task items. In my opinion, they should’ve spent the time to make a more convenient task system requiring less repetitive clicking and back-and-forth running with greater and more exotic rewards and deeds. Wouldn’t “Collector of useless treasures” be a fitting title for someone who turned in all the tasks of a particular tier?


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