Update 17.2: Reduced barter costs for Anfalas Scrolls of Empowerment

Frelorn dropped into the official LOTRO forum to reveal plans to lower exchanges rates for Anfalas Scrolls of Empowerment, the main enhancement for imbued legendary items and a key part of the current end-game grind. Their intentions are to the reduce the overall grind in the game and he hinted at further changes after update 17.2, which is planned to go live some time in January.

New scroll of empowerment costs

Exchange Old New
Skirmish camp 3782 Marks, 586 Medallions 2541 Mk, 293 Md
Stars of Merit 250 90
Morgul Crests 5 3
Dol Amroth Silver Pieces 100 20
Gold and Silver DA Tokens 10G, 30S 7G, 20S
East Gondor Silver Pieces 100 15
Gift-giver’s Brands 75 10
Smiths’ Tokens  30 4 Builder’s Tokens
Commendations 7500 1000
Mithril coins 29 10
Turbine points 1 for 295
5 for 1250

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