Seven ways to leave your kinship

Change is coming to Middle-earth. Many worlds are closing, friends will be torn apart as they travel to far away lands and some great heroes will sail into the west. But where some see sadness and despair in anticipation of the upcoming server transfers, others foresee an opportunity to kindle new friendships and shrug off the old lecherous ones. Sometimes you’ve been around the same people for much too long and you’d like to embark on new adventures with all the unfamiliar faces you’ll find on your destination world, but for some reason, you can’t find a tactful way to leave your current kinship.

To this, I have only one piece of advice:


And I present to you these seven ways to leave your kinship. However, I won’t accept responsibility for the social consequences of employing one or more of these techniques.

Method 1: Leave amicably

Tell your kinship how you feel. Explain to them that you’re looking for something new and that you’ll be taking your characters with you. If they try to lure you back in, stay strong and remember your spirit Hobbit. Leave them a few compliments and make your exit gracefully.


Method 2: Drop the mic

Tell them how you really feel. Let them know that their ambitions are not aligned with your own and that you have been eyeing the action on the horizon for some time. Show them how vital you are to the kinship and make them beg for you to stay. Then, when they think they’ve avoided crashing into a stone wall, verbally erupt with all your grievances over the years ending with the final blow of your departure.

Method 3: Without a care

For those of you who have no qualms about making social waves and live by the mantra of chaos and confusion, this method is likely a no-brainer. It doesn’t matter when and it doesn’t matter how, just hit that quit kinship button and be done with it. The remnants of your former kinship will be left wondering what happened to cause your departure if even for a few minutes before they get back to their business.

Method 4: Sneakily

Wait until the wee hours of the morning until you are the last one online and then make your move. Quickly log your characters in one by one leaving the kinship while being on the lookout for stragglers popping back on for some late-night crafting.

Method 5: Lead a revolution

Find a loose thread in your kinship and tug at it until the tapestry starts to fall apart. Find common ground among your kin and strum that harp until they see you as a leader. Drive the nail in the coffin and lead your comrades out of your kinship and into a new one with promises of a better tomorrow. At this point, it’s up to you to decide if you want to be a benevolent dictator or just a dictator.

Swift on leadership

Method 6: Delete your characters

If you fear that leaving your long-standing kinship will forever haunt your characters, simply delete them and start over with new names. No one can trace them unless you let that information slip. Now only you can let slip the information that reveals your former identity.

Method 7: Voluntarily enter the Witness Protection Program

If you’d rather not throw away your hard work and delete your characters, spend some dough to change their names. Take advantage of the server transfers by making a placeholder character on your destination of choice and when transferring your character, you should receive a rename token. Leave your kinship and choose a new identity, but remember to get rid of any personalized items that may blow your cover.


4 thoughts on “Seven ways to leave your kinship

  1. I was thinking of going toward the extinction-level meteor shower to completely annihilate and bury all existence and connections – is this method no longer a viable means of removal?


  2. Funny post! 🙂

    Another simple method – if you are in a closing server – will be to wait until your kinship migrates to one server and migrate your character(s) to a different one!
    Oops no kin anymore… too bad! 😉


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