Three creep features you didn’t know you needed

Turbine is putting Player vs. Monster Player under the microscope for update 16.2 with development on a smaller, arena-style map in Osgiliath, new audacity gear for freeps and that perpetually needed “creep love” we often hear about. Part of that love encompasses some vital functional updates to how creeps play which you may find yourself wondering how you could ever poach hobbits without them.

Defiler staves

Cosmetic weapons
Just because freeps got the ability to display cosmetic weapons and shields doesn’t mean creeps were left high and dry. In its basic form, all creep orcs and uruks can learn traits in exchange for commendations for their appearance slot that will change the appearance of their held weapons. Wargs and spiders, however, don’t get this option presumably because they’re not bipedal, but others on the forum have suggested giving wargs cosmetic harnesses or banners, but they’re stumped what cosmetic modifications spiders might receive. Might I suggest a fancy little hat and a monocle?


Creep mail
Can you believe that creeps have gone more than eight years without something so trivial as mail. Creeps will finally be able to better coordinate raids, send items between characters and keep in touch. This change likely was precipitated by the looming server consolidations since according to this Russian forum, Turbine will be sending an in-game mail to all characters when the closures happen. However, to keep it somewhat realistic, creep mailboxes need scribes to actually write and send the mail. I’ve never known a creep who has graduated high school let alone learn how to read or write.

Corruptor Services

Corruptor services
The great class trait tree overhaul allowed retraiting without visiting a bard NPC meaning freeps could, with a single click, switch from a DPS build to tank without leaving the battlefield. Creeps were left in the dust, however, with the old style of switching between traits through use of a corruptor NPC, the enemy’s version of a bard. But now update 16.2 introduces a portable corruptor services item. Instead of giving creeps trait trees, Turbine opts for partial functionality allowing creeps to retrait anywhere. Barter the item from the ‘Special Items’ vendor at rank 5 for 1000 commendations then right-click it out-of-combat to bring up the corrupter services panel. It’s still a long way from a complete trait revamp, but it’s a start.


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