Treasure caches of update 16.2

Following the trend of retroactively adding level 100 content to aging regions, treasure caches and roving threats will invade Evendim, the North Downs and Southern Mirkwood beginning with update 16.2. Here are the locations of the treasure caches for those regions so if you’d like find them on your own, look away now. Keep in mind that I harvested this information from the Bullroarer test server so there is a chance that the developers have altered the locations before shipping off to live.

Each of the deeds reward 10 Turbine Points, 60 Marks, 5 Gift-giver Brands, a title (“Treasure Seeker of [region]”), +1 virtue (Evendim: Justice; North Downs: Patience; Mirkwood: Mercy) and +900 reputation with the region’s faction.


Evendim treasure caches

  • 13.8S, 73.6W – tiny island SW of Tyl Ruinen
  • 11.9S, 72.3W – top of a hill, middle of Tyl Ruinen
  • 8.1S, 75.3W – Amon Moth, on a hill
  • 7.5S, 68.3W – On shore just east of Rantost
  • 8.7S, 67.0W – Behind Tham Ornen
  • 4.2S, 65.6W – In some bushes at Tum Fuin
  • 7.9S, 61.8W – Top of the mountain at Nan Orngon
  • 9.4S, 63.0W – Behind the totem at Tham Andalath
  • 20.2S, 60.7W – east shore of Barandalf
  • 19.7S, 64.6W – on a hill behind the Whitshards
  • 17.2S, 65.6W – in a small camp behind Haudh Tarcil in Men Erain
  • 15.8S, 69.9W – head west around the edge from the Titan of Tyl Annun

North Downs

North Downs treasure caches

  • 8.6S, 40.1W – on a hill north of Rusfold
  • 11.2S, 33.7W – under a tent in Kar Lak
  • 15.4S, 36.2W – up a hill in western Dol Dinen
  • 16.6S, 37.5W – inside Zaukil’s tent at Dol Dinen
  • 16.3S, 41.0W – SE Taur Gonwaith behind a large outcrop
  • 19.1S, 46.3W – Behind Drukordh’s tent and idol in SE Nan Wathren
  • 16.4S, 53.8W – under the Trestlebridge
  • 13.7S, 51.6W – Tiny island at the small bay
  • 9.9S, 58.4W – on a hill overlooking Glirost
  • 6.7S, 53.3W – Far eastern side of Fornost camp, near a Blogmal Warlord
  • 6.9S, 47.9W – back by the waterfall
  • 6.0S, 43.5W – on a hill at Kamskut

Southern Mirkwood

Southern Mirkwood treasure caches

  • 17.3S, 61.7W – at the tower, Tirnhirion
  • 15.9S, 59.3W – in the Wind Stones
  • 19.0S, 57.5W – on top of Sad Meryrn
  • 11.2S, 56.2W – in a ditch between the Dourstocks and Dannenglor
  • 12.4S, 54.6W – on the skirmish boss balcony in Dannenglor
  • 13.4S, 52.6W – behind a ginormous tree
  • 8.7S, 51.8W – on a ledge in the spider cave jutting out over the big hole
  • 12.2S, 45.4W – on a siege tower NE of Gathburz
  • 14.8S, 41.7W – behind the staircase at the entrance to the Dungeons of Dol Guldur
  • 16.4S, 42.5W – behind a rock on the secret path to Dol Guldur
  • 19.3S, 43.6W – on an island east of the Bleakmere
  • 19.5S, 48.5W – South of Sad Morangol

5 thoughts on “Treasure caches of update 16.2

  1. Fantastic! You even anticipated the update! A week ago I went straight to Mirkwood in order to collect the treasures, only to realize I have to wait until 16.2 will go live! :)))))

    Thanks for all your work, I really appreciate, always have!


  2. Just a typo I noticed: in the map of Evendim you put here, the coordinates of the 2 caches in the islands are listed the same (13,8S, 73,6W). In the written description below the map they are correct… the one on Tyl Ruinen should be 11.9S, 72.3W also on the map.


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