Fight your way to the top in style: Cosmetic weapons are coming

Executive Producer Vyvyanne dropped an unexpected bomb on the LOTRO community the other day. Not only will Update 16.2 be available for testing on the Bullroarer preview server during the weekend, the update will include a long-awaited and oft-requested feature: cosmetic weapons. This revelation has quickly eclipsed the news that the update will also feature the new Osgiliath PvMP map and the Adventures of Bingo Boffin episodic content.

According to Bullroarer, players will now have access to three new cosmetic slots on their cosmetic outfits panel accessed through the character panel: one for main-hand weapons, one for shields and one for ranged. Simply drag and drop a weapon or shield onto the appropriate slot and equip the outfit. You will be limited to class-appropriate weapons, so no halberds on Rune-keepers or Hunters with shields.

cosmetic slots

For those of us who haven’t been stockpiling nifty-looking weapons and shields in hopeful anticipation, the potential to show off interesting and unique armaments is still within reach. You can find many weapons as random drops in non-scaled instances such as in Isengard and Angmar. Lower level legendary items also have interesting appearances. And as one Twitter user so elegantly proclaimed:

If you plan to go out and obtain the most epic-looking weapon, then I suggest you look through an item database plugin such as ItemTreasury or Compendium then look on Lotro-wiki to find its origin. But many weapons are no longer obtainable as the game has grown and been revamped over and over. If you can’t find that particular item, don’t fret. You might be able to find the same or a similar appearance on another weapon. For your own amusement, here are some rather interesting weapons and shields to be found throughout the game.


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