Treasure caches of Eastern Gondor

There are more treasure caches to find in Eastern Gondor which means you can spend a great deal of time scanning the landscape from Lebennin to Osgiliath or just take a look at this map. Your choice. Whichever you choose, in addition to the deed rewards (e.g., Turbine Points, +1 Patience), you get to keep anything you find in the caches which could be anything from crafting materials to perk tomes like a Tome of Burst of Experience. You can find more maps in Department of Strategery’s Eastern Gondor section.


Eastern Gondor treasure caches

Upper Lebennin

  • 78.4S, 32.3W: Northwest corner, north of the beacon
  • 82.8S, 28.6W: out in the open, mid-UL
  • 81.4S, 25.5W: Southeast corner, in the trees by the shoreside


  • 81.2S, 24.3W: Southwest corner on the Erui delta
  • 76.0S, 21.0W: Southeast of Ost Norhir
  • 78.5S, 22.3W: In the rose bushes by a ridge between Aegollant and Galdir’s Dell
  • 75.0S, 25.0W: In the forest southwest of Imlad Melui
  • 71.8S, 21.3W: Northwest of Harlond

South Ithilien

  • 78.8S, 18.8W: Far southwest corner of South Ithilien
  • 75.8S, 10.9W: Northeast of Harlanc
  • 74.4S, 9.9W: South of lagoon, southeast of Bar Hurin
  • 73.1S, 14.3W: West of Bar Hurin
  • 70.7S, 4.1W: Off the path along the eastern mountains
  • 65.6S, 8.8W: In the forest south of Osgiliath


  • 63.8S, 10.3W: West shore, south of the great bridge
  • 64.6S, 9.1W: East shore, by the southern edge of the city
  • 62.7S, 10.0W: West shore, north of the great bridge, by the water in a tent
  • 61.1S, 8.7W: East shore, upper levels, northeast of the Dome of Stars

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