Cartographic guide to explorer deeds in Eastern Gondor

Here’s a load of maps that will aide in completing the explorer deeds of Eastern Gondor minus where you can find the roving threats and treasure caches. Those you can find in Department of Strategery’s Eastern Gondor section.

The Five Sisters

Eastern Gondor The five sisters

The Legacy of Osgiliath

Eastern Gondor The Legacy of Osgiliath

The Morgul-host

Eastern Gondor The Morgul-host

Ruins of South Ithilien

Eastern Gondor Ruins of South Ithilien

The Southern Beacons

Eastern Gondor The Southern Beacons

Strongholds of Hope

Eastern Gondor Strongholds of Hope


Eastern Gondor warbands

Bonus: Bounty quests

Not really an explorer deed, but you can pick up these bounty quests from Bâr Húrin.

Eastern Gondor Bounties


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