Treasure of Forochel

Finally! This last of three treasure cache deeds in Update 15.2 has been bugged since it was released but now it is fixed. These twelve treasure caches are scattered throughout the icy region of Forochel, and unlike Angmar and the Misty Mountains, all of these caches are fairly easy to reach. Rewards for finding them all include 10 Turbine Points, 60 Marks, 5 Gift-giver’s Brands, +1 Patience virtue, +900 reputation with the Lossoth and a title, ‘Treasure Seeker of Forochel’.

Forochel_treasure caches

Someone at Turbine had the bright idea to put one of the caches in the middle of the ice bay of Forochel but forgot about the instant death that occurs when swimming too far into the interior. It would have been rather exhilarating if it was attainable through some obscure path, but I and many others spent plenty of time searching for that cache before it was confirmed as a bug. However, in the process, I made a map, shown below, of where you cannot go in the ice bay without meeting a swift doom. You can also see the former location of the treasure cache that was only reachable by GM teleportation.


Location Radar Context
20.2N, 74.1W
Northwest of Sari-surma teleport
F-01 F-01 (NW)
15.7N, 68.1W
Middle of the ice bay
(Red == death)
F-02 F-02 (ice-bay)
10.4N, 65.7W
Behind a big rock
F-03 F-03 (SE)
12.6N, 69.7W
Around the back of a hill
F-04 F-04 (Pynti)
The Lonesome Stones:
13.9N, 75.4W
On a hill, behind a wall
F-05 F-05 (Stones)
9.0N, 70.8W
Behind a tent
F-06 F-06 (Pynti-leiri)
4.9N, 77.3W
In the corner at the top of a waterfall
F-07 F-07 (waterfall)
6.2N, 79.6W
At the end of the island
F-08 F-08 (kissa-sari)
8.0N, 78.9W
Near the tent
F-09 F-09 (Norsu-leiri)
9.2N, 82.2W
Enter through the swamps
F-10 F-10 (Icereave)
15.6N, 88.2W
Up in the western mountains
F-11 F-11 (mountains)
20.1N, 85.2W
Around the entrance, up on a ledge
F-12 F-12 (Kibilzahar)

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