Treasure of Angmar: Anglanthir

If you thought it was impossible to reach Anglanthir, like they did on the wiki, well, you thought wrong. Through a series of carefully timed jumps and maneuvers, one can manage to hurdle the filthy, icky green instant death water to reach the waterfall pouring the toxic waste from Urugarth into Imlad Balchorth in Angmar. If you’d rather not figure it out on your own, this video will show you how. One quick note, though: if you’re adept enough and don’t suffer from crippling war-steed lag, all of these jumps can and should be performed on a war-steed but this video shows that it is, indeed, possible on a normal steed.

A-12 (map)



6 thoughts on “Treasure of Angmar: Anglanthir

    • Good question! It’s on the western side of Imlad Balchorth. From Myrkworth, head west through the pools till you come to the insta-death waters and Ferndúr’s spawn (look for swarms of spirits on an island). Swing left and follow the water till you come to two wide sets of stairs and then you should be ready to attempt the jumps.


  1. Hi, I just spent about an hour trying those jumps. The strange thing is, even though I seem to fly for miles on dry-runs, something seems to make me drop out of mid-air half way over the water. I think I came close to landing on the other side twice in at least twenty attempts.

    Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?


    • Jumping on mounts and war-steeds is a very inexact science. Try jumping earlier or later than you might think even to the point that you think you might smash into the water. Make your jumps relative to a single point on the ground, and if you can, grab someone who can revive you to wait on standby. And if all else fails, bribe a captain to summon you to the other side.


      • Yes, after a second hour-long session of trying iot aloane I finally found a minstrel to join me. The deal we made was that I would do the jumping and (lots of) dying, and organise simple rally horns from the store. So after every successful jump, I would summon him after me. Finally, we both ended up getting to that chest.

        Yay for minstrel save points. 🙂


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