Roving threats of Update 15.2

Remember those roving threats spotted in Angmar after Update 15.1? It looks like they’re now ready for primetime, will be the focus of Update 15.2, and not limited to Angmar. Be on the lookout for these super-charged baddies in Forochel, Misty Mountains and Western Gondor as well. But as the name implies, these enemies don’t always stay in the same place, and this post aims to help ease the process of searching for them.

In addition to roving threats, new with Update 15.2 are the roving threat quartermasters and their currency, Gift-giver Brands. These are good for some housing decorations (pictured below), essence-socketed pocket equipment, a frog pet and first-age, level 100 legendary weapons. These brands drop not only from the quests, but occasionally after defeating the threats and from a couple deeds like Treasure of Angmar or Misty Mountains. The Central Gondor roving threat quests also award these Gift-giver Brands after Update 15.2.



Probably the most time-consuming part of taking out the roving threats is actually finding where they roam. Use the maps below to aid you in your search, but be advised that this data comes from the Bullroarer test server with a little help from this forum thread so I can’t guarantee it to be 100% accurate.

Contrary to their name, however, roving threats don’t actually rove all that much. They patrol the same area for the entire day but at the 3 A.M. /servertime daily reset, they move to another location on the map. Be advised that if you’re fighting during the reset, that creature will disappear and you won’t get credit for the kill.

Each of these combatants have their own special tricks to beat – some have instant death skills, others will disregard aggro contributions – but for now, I’ll let you all figure that out by yourselves and make another post with strategies at a later time. Here’s a freebie, though: If a giant lifts his leg, don’t get caught standing in front of him.


Angmar_roving threats

  • Quest-giver: Aughaire: Cánnakh [0.4N, 39.5W]
  • Ashthrok, the Fire Seeker
  • Khruthakh, the Untiring
  • Shakatrog, the Dreaded
  • Ulkharn, the Commander
  • Vélnas, the Seer
  • Epilogue: Amardam


Forochel_roving threats

  • Quest-giver: Sûri-kylä: Ostasänt [18.8N, 71.0W]
  • Gronkerna, the Juggernaut Slave
  • Krevchal, the Brutal Chieftain
  • Mustarka, the Treacherous Wight
  • Ukko Surma, the Undying Giant

Misty Mountains

Misty_Mountains_roving threats

  • Quest-giver: Gloin’s Camp: Authi [24.7S, 4.1W]
  • Gróthurs, the Stone Giant
  • Hrimdyr, the Beast King
  • Krabakam, the Master Hunter
  • Sútmoth, the Ice Giant

Western Gondor

Western_Gondor_roving threats

  • Quest-giver: Dol Amroth – Aelnir [75.5S, 71.9W]
  • Amorchant, the Winged Death
  • Gundlag, the Death Troll
  • Haldalona, the Vile Darkwater
  • Mota, the Umbarrim Scourge
  • Skorkaz, the Callous Dead

4 thoughts on “Roving threats of Update 15.2

  1. This certainly had some promise – until your list of possible rewards. Housing decorations for houses with no room for anything else; cosmetic pets already turned off; not grinding for essence gear – no reason to grind for pocket items; and plenty of FA symbols available on the AH. Sad that they put effort into some content, but nothing worth working for.

    As always, excellent post and the maps are great!


    • I agree on all of your points, with no level cap coming in 2015, I’m trying to find the point of new content when it won’t make my characters any better, just move us through the storyline. Well, it’s back to the moors on my maxed out toons! Nothing to see here, move along.


      • I agree as well with you both except for the fact that they did make useful content with the new specialisation points given in west gondor . About the roving threats i m afraid they are just for the joy of discovering new monsters to fight for now^^


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