Treasure of Angmar

Here is part two of three in our expedition to find all the treasure caches in the Misty Mountains, Angmar and Forochel. As usual, this post will show all the locations for the Treasure of Angmar deed, so if you want to find them on your own, look away now.


Angmar_treasure caches

Again, all of these locations are easy to reach except for one, the last one at Anglanthir. Getting there involves a series of jumps over that green insta-death water in Imlad Balchorth. Luckily, there are a couple different ways to get across, so if the war-steed vaulting isn’t working out, you can try your patience with a regular steed. Here’s a quick preview of what to expect and a video of how to get there. I await the throngs of players complaining on the forum about this one.

Location Radar Context
Ram Dúath:
0.7S, 36.5W
back of the cave-claw den
A-01 A-01 (context)
Nád Nathair:
3.9N, 39.8W
top of the stack with Bloodwing
A-02 A-02 (context)
Dûn Covád:
6.3N, 37.9W
near War-master Ranghâsh
A-03 A-03 (context)
Gate of Shadows:
12.2N, 29.5W
near Carn Dûm iron gate
A-04 A-04 (context)
12.1N, 27.3W
little alcove, below the spider path
A-05 A-05 (context)
13.0N, 25.4W
Bogbereth’s cove
A-06 A-06 (context)
Nan Gurth:
9.6N, 22.9W
backtrack from Minas Caul along a ridge
A-07 A-07 (context)
The Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu:
10.3N, 14.3W
behind the rift
A-08 A-08 (context)
Nan Gurth:
4.5N, 21.1W
in a cove at the end of the path
A-09 A-09 (context)
1.6S, 23.2W
on a ridge above Krúslë Lannan
A-10 A-10 (context)
Imlad Balchorth:
4.7N, 29.2W
on the upper tier near an Iron-crown Spirit-master
A-11 A-11 (context)
7.2N, 30.4W
on an island surrounded by insta-death water*
A-12 A-12 (context)

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