Treasure of the Misty Mountains

In case you haven’t been paying attention, LOTRO’s update 15.2 adds more treasure cache-hunting deeds, three to be exact. The intention of this post is to reveal the locations of those caches so if you’d rather find them on your own, stop reading now (or, rather, take a look around the Department of Strategery, enjoy your stay). In addition to Central and West Gondor, there are now treasure cache deeds in AngmarForochel and the Misty Mountains, and this post will focus on the last.


Misty_Mountains_treasure caches

With the exception of the cache near Goblin-town, all of these locations are easy to reach. The Black Crack cache involves a tiny bit of jumping, but nothing like the Beacon of Eaworth. This cache is situated on a precipice on the way to Floid and Dewitt; this video and the screenshot provided should clear things up a little. If not, let me know, and I can make something more instructional. There are larger versions of all the images below so don’t be afraid follow the links.

As for rewards, you’ll receive 5 Gift-giver’s Brands (a new Roving Threat currency), 10 Turbine Points, +1 Fortitude, a title, some Marks and rep with Thorin’s Hall. Oh, and you get to keep everything you find in the caches, which is usually not the most valuable, but the gesture was nice.

Location Radar Context
Northern High Pass:
23.9S, 7.4E
NE of Hrimbarg
MM-01 MM-01 (NE Hrimbarg)
21.8S, 8.7E
Behind a wall
MM-02 MM-02 (Domstoll)
Northern High Pass:
20.8S, 5.1E
Near Black Crack-some jumping needed*
MM-03 MM-03 (Floid-Dewitt)
Pinnath Fenui:
23.0S, 2.6E
North of Gurzmat
MM-04 MM-04 (high pass)
Bruinen Source North:
20.5S, 3.4W
On a little hill
MM-05 MM-05 (bruinen source)
Bruinen Source West:
23.4S, 4.3W
End of the stream
MM-06 MM-06 (stream)
Bruinen Source West:
23.7S, 2.3W
In a small cove
MM-07 MM-07 (bruinen south)
Bruinen Source West:
25.1S, 0.6W
At the end of the path
MM-08 MM-08 (high crag)
Imlad Norn:
31.4S, 0.4E
Troll area
MM-09 MM-09 (trolls)
28.5S, 4.1E
Long path up, by a giant’s home
MM-10 MM-10 (giants)
Southern High Pass:
28.3S, 6.7E
Little alcove
MM-11 MM-11 (alcove)
26.1S, 9.6E
Behind Ruinuan
MM-12 MM-12 (writhenbores)

8 thoughts on “Treasure of the Misty Mountains

  1. Great guide. Thank you for taking the time to make it.
    Could you please add coordinations on the large image next to the circle like you did on the other maps for easier reference with the individual list.


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