The great Central Gondor reputation faction grind

If you’ve played through all the quests in Central Gondor, you’ve likely noticed something missing. All those quests and you’re nowhere near kindred reputation with the area’s factions. I’m guessing that was the plan. Instead, our inventories are burdened with consumable reputation items, an idea hearkening back to Shadows of Angmar times, dropped by enemies and awarded by repeatable quests. And these repeatable quests, or should I say the complete inadequacy of repeatable quests, unlock at each reputation tier. That’s right, folks. What we’ve got here is a genuine, bonafide grind.

If that doesn’t deter you, here’s all the information you need to know to speed up this grind and make it a little less vomit-inducing.

We’re faced with four factions – one for each area of Central Gondor and one for the city of Pelargir. Think of Pelargir as the umbrella faction with the other three underneath. This article on LOTRO Players also does a good job explaining about the reputation factions of Gondor.

Friend status with the area factions will grant you access to barter an unidentified level 100 third age legendary item. At ally, you can barter class-specific essences and at kindred you can barter for a unique cosmetic pet. Each area also has an epilogue quest once you reach kindred. Completing all three of these will satisfy the requirements for the deed Vanguard of Central Gondor which awards a Blemished Symbol of the Elder King used to craft a first-age level 100 legendary item. Kindred with Pelargir offers access to legendary item title scrolls, sealed relics, crafting resources, various potions and a steed.

CG pets

Each area has its own set of non-repeatable quests which tell a short story about the people Central Gondor and the encroaching threat of Mordor. These fixed quests award reputation with that area’s faction and will give you a good head start on reaching kindred, but once you’ve done all those, you’re down to repeatable quests and consumables. You’ll also come across “bounty” quests which are repeatable only three times.

Factions Non-repeatable quest reputation Possible daily rep. from quests (Acq.) Possible daily rep. (Friend) Possible daily rep. (Ally)
Ringló Vale 14,500 1,500 2,300 3,100
Dor-en-Ernil 19,400 3,500 4,600 5,400
Lebennin 20,500 1,700 3,100 3,900

The numbers above also take into account doing all warbands and roving threats which, depending on your server’s population, can prove tricky to accomplish every single day. So if you’re like me and curse the grind, you’ll want to find every way possible to get it over with quicker. The easiest way to do that is through Reputation Acceleration Tomes.

Reputation acceleration

For the uninformed, these tomes, once consumed, add bonus reputation to a single character so that the next time it receives reputation, that amount is doubled. Say you have 1000 bonus reputation and you complete a quest for 700 reputation. You receive double the amount (1400) with 700 bonus reputation removed from your bonus pool and 300 bonus reputation remaining. Another 700-point quest and you cash out the remaining 300 bonus for a total of 1000. You can have a maximum of 80,000 bonus reputation at any one time. The LOTRO Store stocks these tomes in 5000 denominations but you can get 1000-bonus reputation tomes from the Skirmish Camp Curiosities vendor for 60 marks and 6 medallions each. To obtain the 85,000 reputation needed for kindred, you’ll need 42,500 bonus reputation (math!).

It’s difficult to estimate how long it will take to reach kindred with one of these factions due to the different sources of reputation and the accessibility of more difficult quests, but stocking up on bonus reputation before starting the quests in Central Gondor will definitely shorten this grind considerably. Picking up accelerator tomes after completing the non-repeatable quests will still leave you with many days of daily quests.

Consumable reputation items

Unless you’re a strict pacifist, as you play through Central Gondor you’ll likely pick up some reputation consumables from enemies in 50, 250 and 500 denominations. Unlike the ones you find for the Men of Bree or Esteldín, don’t expect to be looting these tokens like candy unless you’re farming them with determination. These tokens better fit the description of being “uncommon”, “rare”, and “incomparable”. The rare and incomparable tokens are also used to barter with the area quartermasters. It’s totally fine to use uncommon consumables to supplement your daily reputation intake, but if you’re aiming to barter for class essences or those cosmetic pets at kindred, save up on those. Don’t forget that you can trade these tokens so be sure to check the auction house from time to time or ask your friends for left overs.

Factions 50 (uncommon) 250 (rare) 500 (incomparable)
Ringló Vale Ornamental Skull Weathered Gondorian Relic Pristine Wood-carving
Dor-en-Ernil Coast-raider’s Sash Jewel-encrusted Scimitar Unblemished Swan Statue
Lebennin Bone Carving Gold-studded Staff Worn Medallion of Castamir

Repeatable quests

Once you complete the capstone quest for that area and reach acquaintance standing, daily quests become available with more available as you advance in reputation tiers. For example, roving threats involve tracking down stalwart foes that threaten the people of the region. At acquaintance in the Ringló Vale, you’ll unlock the quest for Scythe-jaw; at friend, the quest for Gundash; and at ally, the quest for Du-kalon. In addition, there are several solo-friendly quests open at each tier. Pick up the daily quests for the Ringló Vale in Ethring and the town of Linhir for Dor-en-Ernil. Lebennin will have you running all over the place with quests out of Ost Anglebed in the central part, Aerthir in the south, and Erynos in the far east.

  • Ringló Vale
    • Complete quest A Ruthless End
    • Acquaintance
      • Roving Corsairs
      • Roving Threat: Scythe-jaw
    • Friend
      • Orc Resurgence
      • Roving Threat: Gundash
    • Ally
      • Roving Threat: Du-kalon
      • Warding the Dead
  • Dor-en-Ernil
    • Complete quest Blood for Blood
    • Acquaintance
      • A Halted March
      • Splintered Light
      • Roving Threat: Anbúrz
      • The Gloom in the East
    • Friend
      • Blinding the Enemy
      • Guarding the Crossing
      • Roving Threat: Ripper
    • Ally
      • Mired in Filth
      • Roving Threat: Keterang
  • Lebennin
    • Complete quest Sons of the Usurper
    • Acquaintance
      • Ost Anglebed: Out of Their Depth
      • Ost Anglebed: Roving Threat: Luruyak
    • Friend
      • Aerthir: Pelargir’s Bounty
      • Aerthir: Slaves to the Conquered
      • Aerthir: Stranded on the Great River
      • Ost Anglebed: Roving Threat: Abrakhôr
    • Ally
      • Erynos: Faithful of the Sisters
      • Ost Anglebed: Roving Threat: Render

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