Central Gondor quest: Slaves to the Conquered

Here’s a quickie, and it’s mostly for my own benefit because I just keep getting confused whenever I do this repeatable. Without context, it may seem a bit out of place, but think of it as a supplement for an upcoming post about the Central Gondor reputation factions. This quest, Slaves to the Conquered, was just one that I thought needed a little more explanation to save time trying to reach kindred with each faction.

The quest comes from Firiondur at the Lighthouse of Aerthir in the south-central part of Lower Lebennin after your character has completed both the quest “Sons of the Usurper” and obtained friend status with the Men of Lebennin. He tasks you with freeing eight people captured by the corsairs on boats at the Western Seagate of Pelargir. There’s a small dock at the southwestern part of the capital city that you can reach through the sewer grate that you enter the city during the epic battle Retaking Pelargir, but I find it easier to approach the city from the west and swim around the seagate instead of entering the city itself.

At the dock, there are three rowing boats which will take you to a different corsair ship and each of those has two more rowing boats to take you either to another ship or back to the dock. There are three bound slaves on each ship and if you’ve been paying attention, sadly that means not all nine slaves will be freed.

Slaves to the Conquered

The confusing part is keeping track of which rowing boat takes you to which ship, and now that I’ve mapped it out, it makes a bit of sense. If you’re on a ship with one rowing boat next to you and another on the other side of the ship, the one next to you will take you back to the dock. If you’re on the ship with a rowing boat on each side of yourself, they’ll both lead to another ship; the middle rowing boat at the dock is a one-way travel to this southernmost boat. The important part, then, is keeping track of which ships you’ve already freed the slaves on, and which ships you need to get to. After that, mourn the sole, remaining slave, jump in the freezing water ignoring the punishing DoT and swim to shore.


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