Retaking Pelargir epic battle guide – solo/duo

The city of Pelargir, the jewel of the Anduin, is under assault by corsairs, haradrim and half-trolls. This is one of those exciting battles when the tide begins to turn in the War of the Ring and we help secure the passage of Aragorn, the rangers and the legion of oath-keepers at his command (spoilers!).

This guide covers the solo/duo version of the epic battle. It’s definitely doable solo but it’s always fun to bring a partner for a little insurance. The fellowship (six-person) version of the battle is very similar but with more enemies, two extra possible side objectives, and four side objectives total each time you run the battle.

The entire instance will take about 20-35 minutes and you can even pause the battle at certain points by halting your advance through the city. You do not need access to the Central Gondor quest pack; it’s open to everyone.

Note: This guide is up to date as of Update 15.1.

In addition to the cash out Platinum, Gold, Silver and Copper rewards, you will receive reward boxes for completing each of the three side quests and the main quest which can contain Stars of Merit, a new currency for bartering epic jewellery, stat tomes, essence-slotted jewellery and regular jewellery. These reward boxes have also been retrofitted to the Helm’s Deep battles.

The battle itself is divided into three main sections: the gate winch, the bulwark and the pier.


Stage one – The gate winch


You begin this battle with a squadron of soldiers and Elrohir, son of Elrond, fighting your way from a sewer grate up to the gate winch above the main gate of the city. After a couple groups of enemies, you’re tasked with defending the winch as a sassy peasant cranks the gate open. This phase lasts about five minutes as enemies assault from both sides.

All three epic battle classes are useful in defending this location: Engineer to repair the winch and set traps; Officer to buff the soldiers and Vanguard for general killing power. A word of caution to you Vanguards out there: most of the enemies in this battle aren’t designated as “Recruits” or “Soldiers” which unfortunately render your Recruit and Soldier Defeat Effects rather useless.

Merit here is based on the amount of damage done to the gate winch and the amount of surviving soldiers. If you want the maximum, ensure that the gate winch receives no damage whatsoever and all three soldiers survive. Target the “raider” enemies first as they tend to go straight for the winch.

Stage two – The bulwark


As the assaulting enemies dwindle and the gate opens, Aragorn arrives with his host for the main attack. Follow Elrohir to meet up with his brother Elladan and defend the next location. This is the more traditional set up for an epic battle with upgradeable barricades and enemies attaching grappling hooks to walls.

You’ll be tasked with two side quests here as well as an epic foe to conclude this section. The timing here can be a bit overwhelming, sometimes with side quests overlapping, so use the grappling hooks to control the pace of the battle. Think of them like a water faucet: the more of them that are active, the faster the enemies arrive and the quicker the battle progresses.

Engineers will find that traps work well here, as well as upgrading disarm contribution (for the grappling hooks) and upgrade contribution (for the barricades). There’s also a small ballista on a ledge (use the rope to reach it easily) which can be used to shred incoming waves before they scale the walls but this will also trigger side quests faster. Using the ballista, you can also target the front where your soldiers are to easily smash those foes. This will also make quick work of any epic foes who happen to wander into your crosshairs.

Prior to Update 15.1, the small ballista could be dismantled and moved, making it easier to decimate an epic foe or two in stage three. Instead, the barricades can be dismantled and moved to build a chokepoint at this bulwark then slow and bleed your enemies later on at the pier in stage three.

Your merit here is based on several factors:

  • Surviving civilians (10 total)
  • Surviving supplies (6)
  • Surviving soldiers (5 from this stage; 8 total)
  • Performance on side quest 1 (max: Platinum)
  • Performance on side quest 2 (max: Platinum)
  • Time it took to kill the epic foe (Kisung Teng) (max: <45 seconds)
  • Building and defending the small ballista

First side quest group (choose one):

  • Backs to the Wall – protect a group of citizens trapped behind enemy lines. This takes place away from the main front; refer to the map for its location.
  • Parade of Thieves – pillagers emerge from a building near the front almost excruciatingly slow

Second side quest group (choose one):

  • Kang-kethek the Sorcerer
  • Ugturu the Half-troll

Stage three – The pier


Moving on, you’ll follow Elrohir and Elladan and swap your tired and beaten soldiers for a fresh battalion on your way to the final bulwark at the pier but watch out for the group of mobs waiting to ambush you en route.

As you arrive at the pier, you have about a minute to prepare before enemies commence their attack. This is enough time to build the catapults and barricades then upgrade them. If you want to force the last side quest, fire the catapults until all the enemies on both sides are wiped out or if you prefer to manage the waves safely, take care of the grappling hooks and any enemies that encroach on your defensive position ignoring the siege weaponry.

After a short while, one of the Elf brothers will shout, “Look, below!” That’s the cue to get ready for the final onslaught and the appearance of Zagaróth, the last epic foe. Defeat him in under a minute for the last bit of merit needed for the main quest.

  • Surviving soldiers (5 from this stage; 13 total)
  • Time it took to kill the epic foe (Zagaróth) (max: <45 seconds)
  • Building and defending the two small catapults
  • Performance on side quest 3 (max: Platinum)

Again, Engineers will find much use here with traps and siege weapons, Officers for the soldier buffs and Vanguards for killing.

Third side quest group (choose one):

  • Archer Thisarti – has powerful poison debuffs that will sap your morale quickly
  • Okurayo the Minstrel – will buff nearby enemies

6 thoughts on “Retaking Pelargir epic battle guide – solo/duo

  1. I have tried this solo countless times and cannot complete it. I am a level 100 red line minstrel and did only the minimum epic battles to get through Helm’s Deep as I do not enjoy them much. I get through the first 2 phases of this with absolutely no problems. When I get to the pier however, near the end of the fight about 10-15 of the enemy focus on me no matter what I do and kill me and also kill one of the NPCs so I fail. I don’t seem to have the skills to operate the siege weapons so I am just trying to brute force it and give the commander commands. Why is this super aggro on me happening and how do I avoid it?


    • Not sure why you’re getting the super aggro, maybe AoE or healing aggro? Maybe they attack the nearest target; stay back from the wall and see if that helps. I would suggest trying a couple things: if you got the aggro, kite the group of mobs, taking out the archers first. Disregard the last side quest and focus on the mobs. If you get a chance, launch the catapults until all the mobs are gone on one side then focus on the other. Make use of the Minstrel’s play dead skill to drop aggro for a while. And cut the grappling hooks if you can to limit the number of mobs attacking at once. Just be ready to switch it up depending on how the battle is looking. Dying will definitely set you back and almost always lead to failure. Good luck!


  2. I have experienced the same problem with my Burg, RK, Hunter, and LM. I’ve tried everything it seems like, but still I fail. I’ve tried cutting the grappling hooks but eventually get mobbed and die, then one of the main NPCs die and it’s over.


  3. Same thing here and I am a Champion. I was only able to last until the dead came TWO times but I had to ignore the two side quests. There is NO WAY for me to focus on fighting AND do the side quests at the same time. Just like what’s described here, at certain point, ALL of the mobs go instantly on me and nobody how I kite them, they follow me and when I go to the sorcerer or the archer, they follow me there and kill me.

    There is no way for me to operate the catapults. They don’t kill any mobs. They only kill like 2 at most. And not to mention the game is EXTREMELY laggy. Takes five seconds for my skills to kick in when I press the keystroke and by the time when they do, I am already dead. I die like two times per battle. And at the end, I only earn like 10 star merit because they don’t even award all the star merit points for all the epic foes. At the barricade stage, I killed TWO epic foes and only got awarded for one, the troll.

    If Turbine doesn’t fix this bug and the server lags, I am out of here. There is no point for me to spend all those efforts grinding for just 10 star of merit points at a time when I need like 2000+ star merit points to buy all the jewelries. This is so stupid!


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