Festival skills for every occasion

Ever needed an exploding mushroom to soak friends in ectoplasmic goo or a flaming dragon to frighten loiterers off your property? Of course you have! Well LOTRO has got you covered. If you didn’t already know, there are consumable items for barter at each in-game festival which, if used 300 times by a single character, will become a permanent skill. Here’s a quick post listing which festival will gain you those reusable skills.

Simply put, festival skills come from completing deeds by using consumable items bartered during festivals for tokens. The consumable items produce the same effect as the skills, but have a 30-second cooldown whereas the skills cool down in only one minute. If you calculate that out, it’ll take you at least 9,000 seconds or 2.5 hours to use 300 consumable items for the deed. I do not recommend standing and waiting around for cooldowns, but instead to go about your daily business and throw out a couple consumables when you have the chance. The festival you got it from doesn’t need to be running for it to count for the deed. It’ll take a while, and you may be sick of the effects by the end, but you’ll have a fancy new skill to show off if you still have any friends who are willing to watch. The one exception to the five-minute cooldown is the Perfect Snowball consumable which has a three-second cooldown – it’ll take a measly 15 minutes to complete that one – however, the skill’s cooldown is one minute long.

  • Fall festival
    • 3 Fall Festival Tokens for 5 consumables
    • 180 tokens for 300 consumables
    • also from treasure chests in the Haunted Burrow
  • Farmers Faire festival
    • 9 Farmers Faire Tokens for 5 consumables
    • 540 tokens for 300 consumables
  • Spring festival
    • 3 Spring Leaves for 5 consumables
    • 180 leaves for 300 consumables
    • also from flower boxes
  • Summer festival
    • 3 Summer Festival Tokens for 5 consumables
    • 180 tokens for 300 consumables
  • Winter festival
    • 5 Festival Tokens for 5 consumables
    • 300 tokens for 300 consumables

Of course, since these skills can make your character sneeze or faint, they can be a bit of a nuisance when running a role-playing event or if you’d just rather not be bothered. To turn off your character’s reaction to these skills (but not the graphics themselves), toggle “Enable involuntary emotes” in the Social tab of the options window. If things get really out of hand from a relentless griefer, file an abuse ticket with support. Remember to emote responsibly.

See also: The Harvest Festival consumable items as GIFs


3 thoughts on “Festival skills for every occasion

  1. Great post! Going to feature on LPN tonight. One thing I noticed, your link to the consumable items a GIF’s links to a /wp-admin/ URL. Might want to check that link. Thanks for the great posts!


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