Beorning class trait points, skill and race deeds

Every class has its skill deeds and the Beorning is no different …well, almost. The Beorning is unique in that it is both a class and race and with that, the developers were able to do something special with the class deeds: tie racial skills into skill deeds. This can be a bit annoying as two of the skills have 30-minute cooldowns meaning that the deeds that require 50 uses of these skills will take a minimum of 25 hours (12.5 with accelerators). Other than that, there aren’t many surprises.

The skills required for the deeds are not restricted by trait line, however, those skills can certainly help. For example, the blue-line skill Counter gives the Beorning an extra 10% evade chance which will greatly help with the two deeds requiring evasion. For the Beorn’s Might deed you can lock in different trait sets and switch back and forth to use each of those capstone skills instead of just one at a time. In general, the daily limit is 10% of the total skill uses required, which can be temporarily removed when using a class skill deed accelerator. Without an accelerator, it’ll take 10 days at minimum.

Racial enmity deeds are basically the same as other classes and have no daily limit. Eight of the Beorning racial traits come from these slayer deeds (which count on any mob regardless of level difference with your character) and the ninth comes from the level 30 class quest in Ost Guruth rather than gated by a reputation requirement like the other races.

There are the same amount of trait points as the other classes, however, they come from slightly different sources. Level 15 and 30 class quests each give a trait point, but getting kindred with the Iron Garrison Guards of Moria and completing book 6 of the epic volume II quests do not. You’ll also get a trait point each for collecting pages from the three level 39 books and one from the level 50 class quest.

Trait points

  • 8 Skill meta-deeds: 8
  • 3 level 39 book quests: 3
  • level 15, 30, 50, 58 class quests: 4

Race deeds

Deed Level Amount Skill reward
Enmity of the Goblins 13 50 Bake a Honey-cake
Enmity of the Goblins II 19 100 Return to Grimbeorn’s Lodge
Enmity of the Goblins III 25 150 Beorning Club-damage Bonus
Enmity of the Spiders 13 50 Emissary
(+20 Fate)
Enmity of the Spiders II 29 150 Might and Conviction Bonus
Enmity of the Spiders III 35 250 Bracing Roar
(+Morale, Wrath)
Enmity of the Orcs 29 100 Feral Presence
(+Fate, 10 minutes)
Enmity of the Orcs II 35 150 Natural Diet
(+1% Disease Resistance)

Skill deeds

Deed Skill Level Amount Per day
Tier 1
Quick Slash Slash 5 300 30
Full Force Slam 5 300 30
Get Your Bearing Skin-change 5 100 10
Tier 2
A Building Rage Thrash – Tier 3 10 100 10
Hearten! Hearten 10 300 30
Hearth and Home Bake a Honey-cake 13 100 10
Tier 3
The Speech of Animals Quest (Adso’s Camp) 15 n/a n/a
Rattling Roar Ferocious Roar 16 150 15
Master the Basics Slam 10 500 50
Tier 4
Beorn’s Gift Skin-change 20 500 50
Unexpectedly Agile Evade or parry 20 300 30
Weight on Their Shoulders Slam 20 500 50
Tier 5
A Thousand Stingers Bee Swarm 30 300 30
Overbearing Presence Feral Presence 29 50 5
Hatred of Bear and Man Quest (Ost Guruth) 30 n/a n/a
Tier 6
Overwhelming Strength Relentless Maul 30 150 15
To Battle! Rush 36 250 25
Stand Firm Ferocious Roar 40 50 5
Tier 7
Not the Bees! Bee Swarm 45 500 50
Impervious Parry or evade 40 500 50
Natural Beorn Leadership Hearten 40 500 50
Tier 8
Bear in Mind and Heart Skin-change 50 500 50
The Path Homeward Quest 58 n/a n/a
Beorn’s Might Call to Wild, Nature’s Bond, Thickened Hide 50 150 15

3 thoughts on “Beorning class trait points, skill and race deeds

  1. Hello DoS folks, it’s the Malaysian Lotro Gamer. Just wanted to shout out a huge thanks for posting and sharing this. Very helpful as I’m levelling my Beorning. Also glad that you guys are still flying the banner since I first discovered you in the Lotro Strategy days!

    Just want to point out something extra. When I checked over the weekend, the Iron Garrison Guard trader NPC had all the other class trait point books except the Beorning. I found the 3 books at the Beorning Moria Armor/Trainer NPC instead. Just a note in case players are looking for them.

    Keep it up, cheers.


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