Explorer deeds and warbands of Central Gondor

Here are some quick maps detailing the explorer deeds in Central Gondor complete with coordinates, all of which are fairly straightforward. The only things hiding are the treasure caches, which are shown on the last map, so if you want to work yourself into a tizzy and find them yourself, look away before you get there. Oh yeah, and warbands are thrown in there for good measure along with their recommended fellowship size. Click on the images for a closer look and if anything is incorrect or unclear, please let me know in the comments.

Central Gondor: Camps of the Enemies

Central Gondor Camps of the Enemies


  • Gríshru – 70.4S, 47.3W
  • Dâr Matum – 69.0S, 52.0W
  • Lang Boha – 82.2S, 49.4W
  • Barad Rill – 84.6S, 50.4W
  • Hata Khezrat – 79.3S, 44.2W
  • Hata Kebir – 84.2S, 37.6W
  • Thama Aklam – 80.8S, 36.8W

Central Gondor: Under Siege

Central Gondor Under Siege


  • Tungobel – 78.6S, 50.5W
  • Gaerlond – 84.2S, 49.7W
  • Lornost – 80.8S, 34.4W
  • Ruins of Ethillorn – 84.0S, 45.6W

Central Gondor: Warbands

Central Gondor Warbands


  • Skorneval – Ringló Vale (3-person) 71.6S, 52.4W
  • Hamarsun – Dor-en-Ernil (3) 79.4S, 51.7W
  • Shatúpash – Dor-en-Ernil (6) 81.4S, 51.3W
  • Hokhir – Dor-en-Ernil (6) 84.0S, 51.4W
  • Vilosh – Lebnnin (6) 80.6S, 35.3W
  • Shataz – Lebennin (3) 83.6S, 37.1W
  • Darik – Lebennin (1) 82.9S, 43.2W

The Legacy of Pelargir

The Legacy of Pelargir

  • Eastern Seagate – 84.6S, 31.4W
  • King Minardil’s Memorial – 82.7S, 31.8W
  • Destroyed Monument of Castamir – 83.3S, 31.3W
  • Monument of the Sea-kings – 83.6S, 33.3W
  • Monument of King Telumehtar – 82.7S, 33.7W
  • Statue of King Thorongil – 83.1S, 34.7W
  • Tol Ciryarani – 84.2S, 33.3W
  • Western Seagate – 85.6S, 35.2W

Treasure of Central Gondor

* Note: Thanks to this thread for the locations.


Central Gondor map - treasure caches

Ringló Vale

  • 71.4S, 53.5W
  • 74.1S, 51.4W
  • 76.3S, 49.6W
  • 71.3S, 47.4W


  • 78.9S, 47.3W
  • 77.8S, 45.9W
  • 86.7S, 50.1W
  • 81.3S, 53.0W
  • 84.4S, 52.2W


  • 79.7S, 42.7W
  • 76.6S, 44.0W
  • 75.7S, 41.4W
  • 77.5S, 36.4W
  • 78.4S, 33.0W
  • 85.6S, 43.2W
  • 85.7S, 40.1W


  • 84.3S, 34.9W (on a small platform in the water between a sewage gate and the docks)
  • 83.0S, 33.8W (between a couple columns among the debris)
  • 84.4S, 33.8W (southwest corner of the middle island, on the lower level near the water)
  • 83.7S, 31.1W (in the Abandoned District near the Thug leader)

5 thoughts on “Explorer deeds and warbands of Central Gondor

  1. Not to change the subject, but what are you guys spending your Central Gondor Tokens on? I have over 550+ on my main toon and I don’t need pots and such. Wish I could buy cosmetic gear or Scrolls of Empowerment or something like that.


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