Highlights from the Update 15 preview stream

This past Thursday, Frelorn, Rowan and members of the Turbine developer team previewed Update 15: Gondor Aflame on Twitch, which they confirmed will arrive on November 5. While touring the larger features of the update – the Beorning class, the region of Central Gondor and the epic battle Retaking Pelargir – they dropped a few interesting tidbits.

Regarding Turbine Point prices, the Beorning class will cost 1000 TP as a stand-alone purchase. There will also be a Beorning plus character slot bundle for 1295 TP. That’s 300 TP less than buying the two separately (595 for an extra character slot). For now, there won’t be a bundle with the Gift of the Valar, the auto-level to 50 store purchase, and the class will start at level 1.

So far, I haven’t seen any confirmation on the price for the Central Gondor region, but if it stays the same as it is on Bullroarer, it will be 795 TP and it also claims to be free for VIP accounts. Purchasing this region also unlocks the epic battle Retaking Pelargir.

Speaking of Retaking Pelargir, the developers confirmed that at launch there will only be a solo/duo version ready for play, but in the first patch after Update 15, we’ll get a six-person version as well. The developers also described how rewards will be changing for epic battles. In the new battle, merit for the side quests will be accumulated rather than starting with full merit and losing it for failing objectives. And players will also receive Stars of Merit for successfully completing quests which can then be used to barter at select locations for levle 100 epic battle jewellery. These barterers are currently located at Helm’s Deep and Dol Amroth on Bullroarer. It’s unsure if these changes affect the Helm’s Deep battles.

And I can’t forget an interesting and cryptic comment regarding an easter egg hidden in the level 15 Beorning class quest. I ran through that class a few times since beta build 1 (and recorded it as seen below), but I have yet to find anything out of the ordinary and no one in the chat could offer any insights. I’ll keep my eyes peeled, but this may become one of those LOTRO mysteries such as Erebrandir’s Horseshoe or those rabbits sitting atop bear furs.



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