Dol Amroth City Watch – Warehouse guide

The eighth and final faction, the warehouse, is a slight departure from the previous factions. Instead of a public instance or landscape location, the warehouse landscape quests take place in a mini three-person instance, Tol Aduial. You can only pick up one quest in the Dol Amroth courtyard and you receive the other three automatically when you take the boat from the docks area to the island instance. If you’ve already done your maximum six daily quests, you won’t get these auto-bestowed quests until the next day. The training exercise quests take place in the entire docks area of Dol Amroth but the boss is in a building on the south side enjoying the company of murderous rats (both the vermin and the corsair varieties).

Landscape quests


Tol Aduial

Quest-giver: Rodwen [75.3S, 71.3W]

  • Tol Aduial – A Feast of Drakes
    • Place the meat then defeat the drakes
      Unless you’re feeling adventurous, use a simple tank/heal/dps setup to fell these drakes.
  • Tol Aduial – Corsairs
    • Clear the groups of Corsairs (0/6)
  • Tol Aduial – Smoke Signals
    • Smoke signals sent (0/6)
  • Tol Aduial – A Hunter’s Prowess
    • Defeat Swarming Avanc (0/20)
    • Before time expires (2 minutes)
      To thwart the swarming avanc, you’ll need a combination of AoE and healing. If you’re going with single target DPS, aim for the swarm-difficulty “juvenile” mobs first.

Training exercise quests


  • The Warehouse
    • Defeat Dabardon
    • Defeat bands of corsairs (0/5)
      Dabardon is on the second floor of the warehouse interior.
  • Fanning the Flames (inside)
    • Food secured (0/3)
  • Fire and Water (outside)
    • Set fuses (0/3)
  • Securing the Way (outside)
    • Disable traps (0/8)
  • Slave to the Sea (outside)
    • Defeat Slavers (0/6)
  • Stores for Winter (outside)
    • Recover supplies (0/6)
  • Very Hungry Rats (inside)
    • Defeat rats (0/6)
      All six rats attack at the same time though if you feel overwhelmed, you can exit the warehouse to drop aggro.

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