Dol Amroth City Watch – Swan-knight guide

The second of two factions tucked away behind server turn-ins are the Swan-knights, the defenders of Dol Amroth, akin to the bounders of the Shire but with shinier armour. The landscape quests for the Swan-knights take place in the Paths of the Dead where you can finally finish that last explorer deed. And like the mason faction, there are eight landscape quests to choose from instead of the regular four. The training exercise for the Swan-knight faction also contains my favorite side objective: Death From Above. Look on the rooftops for snipers and signal your own archers to take them out faster than they can say Simo Häyhä.

Landscape quests


Server wide quest: Harniel [75.0S, 71.0W]

  • Unlocking the Paths of the Dead

Quest-giver: Golusel [75.2S, 71.5W]

  • Kêr Izel – Fallen but not Forgotten
    • Recover remains from Kêr Izel (0/8)
  • Kêr Izel – Lenn Dûskud
    • Remove ruthless rune-stones from Lenn Dûskud (0/8)
  • Kêr Izel – The Ruthless Dead
    • Defeat Ruthless Dead in Kêr Izel (0/10)
  • Kêr Izel – The Shadow-watch
    • Defeat Ruthless Banner-bearers at the Shadow-watch (0/3)

Quest-giver: Avordur [75.2S, 71.5W]

  • Kêr Bras – A message of Courage
    • Plant banners at Kêr Bras (0/6)
  • Kêr Bras – Bloom of Decay
    • Gather Blooms of Decay from Kêr Bras (0/6)
  • Kêr Bras – The Fallen
    • Lacquer the ground beneath quieted Ruthless Oath-breakers at Kêr Bras (0/6)
  • Kêr Bras – The Ruthless Dead
    • Quiet Ruthless Dead at Kêr Bras (0/10)

Training exercise quests

  • The Swan Knights
    • Defeat Kesekhos
    • Defeat bands of corsairs (0/8)
  • Death From Above
    • Identify spotters (0/6)
      In addition to a one-minute countdown on the flag item used to target the snipers, be sure not to attack them directly as they will not count for the quest unless targeted with the flag.
  • Dividing the Bridge
    • Defeat sappers (0/4)
  • Looting the Swan
    • Defeat looters (0/4)
  • Rescuing the Knight
    • Free Swan-knights (0/2)
  • Sweeping for Stragglers
    • Check houses (0/7)
  • Wounded in Action
    • Heal injured soldiers (0/4)

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