Dol Amroth City Watch – Mason guide

The mason is one of the two factions locked behind token turn-ins, though it’s likely already open on all servers. The landscape quests, all eight of them, take place in a cave southeast of Dol Amroth and they are fairly easy and straightforward. The training exercise objectives are likewise simple and short. All in all, the mason faction is a piece of cake and with a little determination, you’ll be swimming in those mason tokens like lice on a child’s head.

Landscape quests

Emyn Ernil map

Server wide quest: Tothlant [75.0S, 71.0W]
– Quest: Unlocking Emyn Ernil

Quest-giver: Gelloth [75.3S, 71.2W

  • Emyn Ernil Tunnels – Claws of the Deep
    • Defeat deep-claw diggers (0/6)
  • Emyn Ernil Tunnels – Corsair Surveyors
    • Defeat corsair surveyors (0/6)
  • Emyn Ernil Tunnels – Forgotten Ore
    • Acquire ore (0/10)
  • Emyn Ernil Tunnels – Twists and Turns
    • Mark posts (0/4)

Quest-giver: Lhossil [75.2S, 71.2W

  • Emyn Ernil Cave – Captain without a Ship
    • Defeat corsair foremen (0/3)
  • Emyn Ernil Cave – Mining with Oars
    • Defeat corsair miners (0/3)
  • Emyn Ernil Cave – Shaky Scaffolds
    • Repair rotting scaffold (0/5)
  • Emyn Ernil Cave – Shattered Crystals
    • Acquire crystal shards (0/8)

Training exercise quests


  • The Mason
    • Defeat Barkyat
    • Defeat bands of corsairs (0/7)
  • Crafting Commandeered
    • Defeat craftsmen (0/4)
  • Flooded with Arrows
    • Defeat the snipers (0/4)
  • Locked Up
    • Lock chests (0/6)
  • Stealing a Soul
    • Defeat slavers (0/4)
  • The Materials of War
    • Collect supplies (0/7)
  • Tools of the Trade
    • Recover tools (0/8)

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