Dol Amroth City Watch – Armoury

The following is the first of eight faction guides for the city watch of Dol Amroth end-game quests. In this guide, we take a look at the Armoury which has its headquarters in the western part of the city where the skirmish NPCs are located. As always, the quests are split between landscape daily quests and training exercise objectives.

Landscape quests

Tol Fennas - Armoury quests

Sick CorsairThe landscape quests for the armoury take place on Tol Fennas, an island west of the city in the bay of Belfalas. There you will face many corsairs setting up camp which pose a threat to the Gondorians onshore. To get there, take the rowboat in the docks area of Dol Amroth, the one labelled Tol Fennas. Since the island is a public instance, you will likely see other players questing there, too. The Armoury shares this island with the Great Hall for landscape daily quests. The corsairs on the island are known to engage the wildlife in battle making them both easy targets for passersby.

Quest-giver: Glíreth [75.2S, 71.3W]

  • Tol Fennas – Corsair Craftsmen
    • Defeat Corsairs at Makham Jurrar (0/8)
  • Tol Fennas – Floating Kindling
    • Destroy boats at Makham Jurrar (0/4)
  • Tol Fennas – Hunting the Hunters
    • Defeat corsairs at Makham Hosh (0/12)
  • Tol Fennas – The Corsair Croup
    • Defeat and treat sick corsairs (0/6)

Training exercise quests



The quests in the training exercise take place in the western half of the city. Of the six side objectives, four of the quests take place out in the city while the other two, Arms and Armours and Punishing the Purloiners, are inside the armoury itself. The objectives are for those two quests are somewhat random, so there are no dots on that map, but trust me, they’re in the room with Jabbur. All of the quests are simple item pick ups or involve talking to NPCs. And for the main quest, only the stationary groups of NPCs count for the “bands of corsairs” objective; the patrolling groups do not count.

  • The Armoury
    • Defeat Jabbur
    • Defeat bands of corsairs (0/5)
  • Weapons of the Guard (outside)
    • Recover weapons (0/5)
  • Guarding the Ocean (outside)
    • Repair ballistae (0/2)
  • Tending the Wounded (outside)
    • Heal injured soldiers (0/4)
  • Checking for Intruders (outside)
    • Search houses (0/3)
  • Arms and Armours (inside)
    • Lock chests (0/4)
  • Punishing the Purloiners (inside)
    • Defeat looters (0/4)

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