LOTRO news round-up: Update 15, Central Gondor and half-trolls

Executive producer Aaron “Rowan” Campbell dropped by the official LOTRO forum yesterday to tease a few more details about the release of Update 15. There isn’t anything too surprising about the content but he does give us a clue about the release date stating that everything is “going into internal test now.” He also reaffirms that we’ll be seeing “Central Gondor, the Beorning starting experience, and our first offensive Epic Battle.” Immediately after, he mentions that they are still planning to do Osgiliath and Minas Tirith next year.

Another user suggests that the main city in this update will be Pelargir, which, if true, could make the boundaries of the region the river Gilrain to the west, Sirith (or perhaps Erui) to the east, the mouth of the Anduin to the south and the White Mountains to the north. It might look similar to this fictionalized version of the region of Lebennin. By the way, if Minas Tirith is coming in 2015, that region might look something like this map from the same site.

And in a different thread, Rowan mentions something about half-trolls. Oh, he means those agents of the enemy leading the invasion of the Shire? No? Wait…what? He said Half-trolls!? So they’re half troll and half something else and an ally of the haradrim. This is the best information I could find on the subject so it’ll be interesting to see how Turbine portrays this race of which little was described in the books. New monster play class anyone?

LOTRO store Deals

Don’t forget the LOTRO Store weekly deals in which you can pick up some quest packs for half price, many of which include instances.

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